Ice Cream Sandwich Or Honeycomb – Delicious Treats Or Part Of Mobile Application Development?

It’s been a busy month for all mobile watchers, as there are so many different types of mobiles from all over the globe being released one after the other. With android releasing new tablets and new phones in collaboration with several Smartphones, here is a little about the Android Honeycomb.

What Is The Android Honeycomb News:–

This powerful and dynamic tool is a great addition to the mobile development platform. The Android Honeycomb is a platform, which has emerged after Froyo and Gingerbread. Taking all the steps of development and evolvement into account, the Android Honeycomb was designed in such a specify way as to make the operating system that should give you the maximum benefit that a Android tablet should have. The Android Honeycomb actually is one that helps the Mobile Developers to make maximum use of the operating system and create quality apps for the Android platform. There are plenty of people who will tell you that this was the best evolution, and there are others who tell what a frustrating experience Android Honeycomb actually is. While we all know, what the Android Honeycomb actually is today, we are yet to understand the issues governing it completely. To put it in simple words the Android Honeycomb is nothing but the latest version of the Android operating system. The Android system is huge and requires a lot of work and attention to detail when it comes to Mobile Apps Development. With the help of Android Honeycomb, it is possible to incorporate the right idea into Smartphone mobile development.

The Future Of Android Honeycomb – Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich:–

The Android Honeycomb will be updated and evolved into the next version, which is the Android Ice Cream Sandwich, yes you read right. Just like gingerbread and honeycomb, the Ice Cream sandwich, is another one of those “crazy” names that companies such as “Apple”, Android, and “Blackberry” come up with. What exactly the obsession of food and mobile apps is, we do not really know. While the “Ice Cream Sandwich” does sound delicious, what do we really know about it? We food know that we are within reach of this version of Android’s operating system. Android should launch this within the next couple of months. While there are surely going to be a lot of influence from the Android Honeycomb and the Android Gingerbread, the Ice Cream Sandwich is going to be a one of a kind operating system. Right now there is not too much information on the Ice Cream Sandwich, just about everything that we know about the Ice Cream Sandwich is speculation combined with rumours in the world of Mobile Application Development.


Author: Melanie Antoine

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