Milestones of Android App Development Services- A Rewind to 2013 Happenings

In present time, various businesses are utilizing the authority of latest smart phone app. The process for evaluating and ranking the best services offering in Android app development involves a meticulous analysis. This article covers a few insights on this top-notch platform- just as left unsaid.

Scope for Android Apps Development

Whilst many organisations agree that Android apps development earn a great profit margin to your brand new or running business.  Android platform offers maximum optimization and efficiency at the business. Earlier, security was one of the concerns but advanced technology connects the vulnerabilities that are associated with complex programming problems. There are many businesses realizing the potentiality of these devices and thus, the demand for complex application development rises with time.

The Most Popular Service Offerings in Android

Nonetheless, mobile strategy for Android Apps is nearly for averages and converse for with populace session.

  • books app development (new)
  • widgets development
  • security apps development
  • social media apps development
  • Games development
  • maintenance and testing application

Android app development service now becomes the most essential service for those businesses, who want to customize their android application. In 2013, it is estimated that 1000 plus android applications developed by Android developers have satisfied customer’s requirements, both in personal usage as well as business sectors. No wonder, the demand for complex application development rises. And mainly significantly Android developers can offer application development on any stands with respect to operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

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Top 5 Inspired Educational Android Apps in 2013

Very recently, Google officially launched “Google Play for Education”.  This has of course gained the attention of many Mobile Application Development firms, which is why app developers are geared up to create fun ideas and exciting solutions to problems and showcasing their work on a global platform.

If you are deciding on creating one, Android App development might be a unique way to get yourself noticed and gain valuable experience. Let’s see how.

Some of the Useful Educational Apps for The Students


Skedule is a cool app for students, or rather a duplicate of “time table” with numerous features. Some of its features include: adding instructors, to-do list and courses. Its calendar functionality helps to organize the overall academic structure like lecture schedules and exam schedules.


iReader is an excellent offline eBook reading Android application.  Be it any file formats such as TXT, CHM, PDB, HTML or Image files, along with a real book page flip, iReader supports auto-scrolling in cover mode.


With Mathway, it is possible to solve difficult math problems on your android tablet. Whilst the free version provides instant answers, the upgraded one helps you with step-by-step explanations. The various Math sections covered are Basic Math, Calculus, Statistics, Algebra and Trigonometry. No wonder this math app is considered the one of the favourite apps among students in 2013.

WordNet dictionary

Android App Developers NYC came up with this brilliant idea of pocket dictionary with a huge lexical database. Unlike the classic format, this dictionary is standardized with a convenient and innovative approach.

eduDroid – Android in education

Are you a teacher or a parent? Application development for android inflicts many of them with eduDroid to help children learn. The content is aimed at children in KS1 and KS2 or children with SEN, secondary schools are also using it. Cool, right?

If you have any great idea for the students’ app and make profit, don’t keep waiting. This festival season is the right time to approach a Mobile Apps Development Company who can breathe life to your dreams.


Why Many Mobile Apps Vanish Out Into Thin Air in No Time

Nowadays, there are many business entities which give much importance to apps and demand more custom mobile applications development.  On the contrary, if you are a great fan of mobile Apps, then needless to say, you must understand without statistical proofs, why most apps do not get to see more than a few minutes on majority of devices in which they are installed. 

“A user on an average eventually deletes 90 percent of the apps that he downloads no matter however popular it might be the ones for social media networks like Facebook or Twitter”, claims a New York report. Therefore, it’s very much needed to outsource your apps with right company. This article has few things your mobile app development company must consider.

Causes for This Unusual Behaviour:

It requires a deeper understanding of user behaviour, market intelligence, changing mobile trends and all the jargon that you might have never even heard of. Perhaps, we have made a capsule format for easy understanding.

Is the design boring? Before understanding the concept, users are very keen about something else. If your mobile app has got horrible design front, who is gonna use it? So, this is it. Construct your app over your concept foundation is the thin line between success and failure in the app industry.

Does it bombard too many ads? Even App developers have agreed this happens with free apps where the primary source of revenue is in-app advertising and hence they have no choice. But too many can scare away a good majority of users.

Is it so weak? According to NYC study report, close to 80% users have responded that they will sort to deleting an app if it has a frequent tendency to crash. Yes, that includes insolently slower running apps also.

Is it the best than Rest? Most Android app developers prefer to give the best of their innovation and after succeeding in their attempt leave as such for eternity with no regular updates. Therefore, it is important to understand your competitors are already queued up to find a way to offer more for the concept you envisaged and hence when users see updated apps offering better features, certainly leave yours.

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5 Deadly Sins in Android App Development

Android Application development is a professional process which needs a lot of expertise. With the changing trends in business market, there are few key areas where in even expert Android app developers tend to compromise.

This article showcases few deadly mistakes that a developer must be aware of during Android app development.

Compatibility Check: Android has seen frequent updates and there are too many versions of the OS in the market now. If an application is developed with any one specific version of the OS, chances are there that it might even crash when run on earlier versions of Android.  Therefore, proper testing across multiple OS versions is important.

The UI Challenge: User interface design is very crucial in Android application development and also often the most neglected. With a variety of screen sizes, application development for android is a great challenge to ensure that the app looks good in all screen sizes and resolutions.

Battery Life of a Device: Developers just consider the accessory but it is not all that. If your application takes a toll on the phone’s battery life then chances of using the application is very less. Plus, another flaw seen in Android Development is that developers create bulky widget that cause higher load time and also drains the battery faster.

Often Low in Priority: Sometime it might seem awesomely coded applications but might lack a good UI design. If App Developers create apps that are not usable then the possibility of application usage are pretty less which would mean all the hard work go worth less.

No-Proper Memory Resource Management: Most applications don’t effectively use the available memory resources. An android app when running should use as minimum memory as possible as it is can lead to sluggishness in the device and will bring down its efficiency.