Basic Requirements to Create Mobile Apps for B2B Sales & Marketing

Effectively leveraging mobile as a sales tool requires more than just creating a mobile app. And no wonder, most B2B mobile sales and marketing efforts of today fail to reach out the universal customers.

 In order for a company to be successful in their mobile marketing and sales enablement efforts there are three primary areas of time and resource investment that every B2B mobile sales and marketing app should look into, namely

  • Mobile App Development
  • App Deployment
  • Mobile App Maintenance and Updating

Mobile App Development

Many blindfolded owners believe mobile application development process is cheap and easy. However, a B2B app is an “enterprise” application and requires a variety of professional-grade characteristics in order to be useful. The process includes a spec, a design phase, a user interface/user experience component, testing and QA.

Studies shows the cost of an app increases by a factor of between 2.5X and 3X when apps are built for three supported platforms say, iOS, Android and Windows as compared to just one.

App Deployment

A B2B app must be deployed to all potential users in the most efficient and effective manner which includes the Apple App store, the Google Play Store for Android, and a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system for internal enterprise deployment. But this does not actually deploy the app to the devices belonging to the intended users. 

In the world of sales and marketing, you shouldn’t limit support only to the variety of tablets and Smartphone’s but how to get the app onto those users’ PCs?

App Maintenance

 Similar to an automobile a B2B mobile app requires a continuous need to “feed” and maintain it. Time to time, it also requires  updates whenever operating systems are updated or new operating systems are released and even when new versions of web browsers are released.

According to 2013 mobile app development report, there were dozens of upgrades and bug fixes for iOS developers and Android operating systems and fully 33% of B2B apps are updated every month.

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IPhone App Development: From Conception to Development

What’d it be like to get to develop an iPhone App yourself? Or have an idea for an awesome business app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Awesome! But what do you do with it now? Yes, you definitely have to approach a professional budget friendly iPhone App Development Company. Beforehand, here’s a quick rundown of what you have do to do get your idea from your head into everyone’s iPhone.

It sounds almost obvious. When you have a great idea to create a mobile app, ask yourself these questions to see if your idea is unique and help it translate into a successful app:

  • Will it solve any kind of specific problem?
  • Will it serve a specific niche?
  • Will it be fun-filled to make people laugh?
  • Does the Apple store already have one like this, does it do it better?
  • How much engaging and interactive enough will it be?

Once decided, the process that iPhone Application Development follows in a nutshell.

Conceptualizing an idea starts with creating a sort of blueprint that will guide you or the person that is in charge of app development.

Storyboarding creates a solid base help you go ahead and keep adding details and compare and contrast for yourself. In this stage, make sure that the newest ideas don’t collide with already established sub-components and sometimes you can think of something new that will offer a better solution to a problem that you have already dealt with. 

App Development is the usual process of creating application using great tools like Objective C/ Cocoa. You need the Apple iPhone Developer Program, an iPhone or iPod Touch, and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Plus, recommended a Mac computer and the latest version of the iPhone SDK.

Besides, in reality, you require Researcher, Project Manager, Information Architect, Designer, Developer, Marketer and Advertiser for an iPhone app to get succeeded. Again, it can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with code, so find someone who is.

IOS 7 to Impact Business Performance on Larger Scale

With every new version of Apple OS, rumours spread ahead of time followed by distinct opinion on what a failure/success. Meanwhile, app developers too seem always interested to take a look into the future of iOS and how it could impact their lives as well as businesses.

Often times, all iOS Apps Development contributes the same set of general aesthetic, leaving no room for distraction. 

 Impact on Businesses

The new version, iOS7 bears significant impact on businesses as it meets baseline security needs for more than 80% of enterprise-owned and fully managed iPhone and iPads. While it certainly deepens enterprise relationship and commitment to Apple its software does several tasks. To name a few, single sign-on (SSO) to permit multiple applications to work across a single Smartphone and a standard method for embedding management features in enterprise applications.

App Design: Apple has put together a pretty cool page realizing the interest of video to show the users’ interactions. The new flat design introduced in this iOS version will be a recurring trend in 2014.

Single Sign-On: Known to be a key feature of iOS7, it allows users to access multiple business applications in a Smartphone. For instance, the fingerprint sensor quickens the process to move back and forth between personal and business apps for a worker while maintaining higher levels of security on any enterprise related content.

AirDrop: A new form of peer-to-peer file sharing feature that uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for quick data sharing between two iPhone users. As such this near-field communication (NFC) feature for file sharing could prove beneficial for information exchange.

iOS7 might have complicated mobile app development process and timelines for app builders. At the same time it is expected to offer features that have previously been unavailable to Apple users. What impact is iOS 7 having on the future of app design? Stay Ahead Of the Game!

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