IPhone App Design Trends, 2014: Inside and Out

What makes a Custom iPhone App Splendid? 

Technology never stops moving. Since a couple of years though iPhone application development showed a full swing outwardly, the truth is quite a little bitter inward.  So, basically there are a several things that contribute in making a mobile application great, not just about choosing a great platform but choosing a professional app development company.

Have a look at the list of some of the latest trends that are rocking in 2014.

Padded List Views

The trend of bold colours has truly inspired iPhone App developers to shift to using textures and patterns in their application backgrounds. Suppose if user has to choose the one out of many, if only it is placed in pretty list will serve the best. The list views

  • Gives the clear information to the users and helps them to pick one easily.
  • Its icons give a different look and improve navigation.
  • Plus, including huge pretty buttons gives clear idea because of their different colours and text

Text Driven Interfaces

The earliest mobile app development was largely text based. The idea behind was that text loads quickly over a slow connection and doesn’t require an advanced rendering engine.

Modern mobile apps don’t need to rely on text. Meanwhile, the best apps that embrace a text-centric approach are those that use text appropriate in context. The formula is “text works best when it is legible, large font and unencumbered by other interface elements.

Example: Trickle, a Twitter app displays tweets in a very readable way- the best suits for all age groups.

Other Common Trends

There are many other trends that seem not to fade away in 2014. This includes:

  • illustrations
  • Minimalism
  • Flat design – No more skeuomorphism
  • Bigger controls
  • Pretty typography
  • Vector graphics

Which are some of the design trends you are seeing in mobile apps or that you hope to see more of in the future? 


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