Clinical Testing Applications to Revolutionize the Medical Care Industry

When Apple first created iPhone applications for the clinical test virtually every industry sought to grab a piece of this multimillion software market.

The idea of the “Smartphone physical” was introduced at the exhibition at the 2013 TEDMED conference through which clinical reports on everything from collecting blood pressure to testing visual acuity can be generated. And here’s why clinical apps stand ahead?

All These Applications Work for You

You search about something related to an ailment:

  • Customised mobile apps help you identify the disease and provide answers to frequently asked questions related to those ailments.
  • Creates a personalized user profiles and databases that cater to the patients’ precise needs and offer various suggestions.
  • Prompt patients to participate or volunteer in trials from the comfort of their homes to analyze their exact case and also explain how it will benefit them.
  • Not only patients can utilize this information to manage their own health but share this data with their treating physicians.

Overall, this holistic process puts the patient at ease and gives him a better understanding of his therapeutic options.

Kinds of Applications Available On the Market Today

Depending on what you are seeking, applications range from general to specific. To talk about a few that iPhone app developers contributed in recent times,

  • The Diabetes Buddy allows users to measure the consumption of glucose, carbohydrate, water, and physical activity time
  • The breast cancer diagnostic guide app walks you through your breast cancer pathology report and other tests and information that help you decide which treatments are suited for you with reference to your doctor, based on location.
  • Echocardiography Atlas is an app that caters to specific diseases such as aortic valve, myocardial infarction, and infectious endocarditic.

Apart from these, there are mobile app development companies that provide a wide range of information as well as diagnostic test apps that are compatible with various platforms. These apps will do best is change the way the medical industry functions.


Author: Melanie Antoine

Openwave Computing is a premier Information Technology leader, providing exemplary services to the clients worldwide since 1997. We have transformed companies through the value chain, providing technology to attain a competitive advantage. We, Openwave, transform our relationships from being just a service partner to a strategic partner. We excel in understanding their unique requirements and customize our services to fulfill all their technology needs.

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