Generating a Privacy Policy for Your App? Why is it Important?

It’s a really good catch for companies where the exchange of information is confidential. Generating your app’s privacy policy is quite easy, fast & beautiful with just a few clicks. And this post gives a piece of details on how and why one has to do it when deciding on mobile app development.

Why is it important to Generate Privacy Policy?

Here are the 6 reasons to generate privacy policy in mobile app development

  • Even the display of ads or the use of analytics means the user should know that you’re collecting personal data
  • Every major country and state say, the European Union to California, has laws towards using a privacy policy
  • In case of developing for android, the App stores require privacy policies. If else, you are running the risk of being rejected after the app submission process
  • You are risking fines and lawsuits, most famously happened to Path/Delta, and experts don’t take risk even in smaller cases
  • Third-party services like Google Analytics or AdSense require you to have a privacy policy stating the use of their service
  • You are risking user outrage: Users want you to play fair. Collecting and using users’ private data without their knowledge is an unprofessional practice.

More Benefits that follows…

Remote Policy Hosting: There are many mobile application development companies in New York supporting to host it one their server. Means, you can update your policies from their dashboard at any time.

Multiple Languages: Policies have to be modular and switched to other languages, especially in case of m-commerce/ mobile website development. All it takes is to just add various languages to your international eCommerce site to inform your global users about your privacy practices.

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Mobile App Payment Functionality to Expand Your Business Venture

The opportunity to present an ecommerce store via an m-commerce app is luring. When a retailer goes online on the move, the first thing a mobile customer worries about is the payment transaction. And therefore, the need to make these transactions safe and secure becomes the prime need for an ecommerce venture, especially on mobile app.

Here comes the role of mobile gateway solutions. Here’s is an illustration of how the mobile payment functionality becomes an integral part of any mobile commerce offering.

So…What’s Current Approach?

The mobile app field currently offer the most popular payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. On the other hand, retailers and intermediaries are always looking at ways that can enable them to aggregate many payment sources such as credit cards, PayPal and Google Wallet into one solution.

Perhaps Apple’s iTunes mechanism is the leading solution for the purchase of digital goods and yes, iOS developers play an intense role. Its sophistication lies in the quick and easy payment mechanism it provides to consumers.

However, the biggest challenge with mobile application development companies in New York is when many of the developers who implement payment APIs fail to create a proper process that which reduces the sophistication level. Also, web browsers usually have an SSL symbol that assures consumers their data is securely transmitted. But, mobile app development has no such widely-accepted format.

What’s Its Future?

Obviously, the trends in mobile app payments are related to reducing friction during the checkout process. This digital era, however look into ways that ease shopping strategies. This includes

  • The use of a phone’s camera to scan a credit card and virtually swipe it so that the consumer does not have to manually type the card numbers
  • Similar look and feel to the payment screens on mobile apps to feel at ease
  • Real tools to validate or authenticate whether the payment page is indeed secure or not

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What’s Easter Bunny Telling about Mobile Shopping Apps

The festival of Easter welcomes the joy of dining and family get together. Wait for It. It never ends that way without Shopping. Why not make it much simpler with mobile apps to shop from the comforts of home?

Some of these apps let you join forces with other savvy shoppers to find the best prices for anything you can find under the sun.

The Great Mobile Apps for Shopping Discounts and Deals

LivingSocial- Available for iOS and Android

This app is one of the best to shop. Like Groupon, LivingSocial also provides deals between 50% – 90% off in your city, every day. So, “view the deals and buy directly via Smartphone’s”. The good thing is when you refer friends to get the same deal- you’ll get yours for free.

Decide- IOS

Decide is a price predictor app from IPhone Application Developers in NYC to help its users to make a decision on what to buy, when to buy and get the price guaranteed on your purchased products. Its added value includes: reviews from product buyers, and enables a price alert to track products or know when new versions/models are released.

ShopSavvy- Available for iOS, Android and Windows

Either on online stores or local store, this app is a very powerful barcode scanner and QR code reader to search for the right product at the best prices. Provided a good deal, it navigates through map to locate the nearest stores for best pricing and buy it instantly from the merchant ecommerce site or save it to buy online later.

Amazon Price Check- Available on Android and iPhone

Available from and its merchants, it lets you use its built-in scanners to scan barcodes, upload a product picture, speech or text search to get the product descriptions, find customer reviews and the lowest prices.

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The Best iPhone Apps to Check out “What’s Around Town”

Imagine you are moving into a new city and wanted to get the best of it. Smartphone’s make for it. Mobile app development companies are out with a successful game plan to retain their current market shares and gain more.

In the last few months of 2014, iPhone app developers have given their best shots on apps that help tourists to find restaurants and bars for foodies, movie theatres, and other things near you.

Mobile Apps for Dining In

The GrubHub: Enter your address or search your current location and be treated to all of your nearby delivery or pickup options from our massive restaurant network. Thanks to – 20,000+ eateries in more than 500 of America’s best cities.

Big Oven: Wanted to try out yummy foods? Now take 250,000+ recipes, your grocery list and menus anywhere on your iPhone. It is the most complete cooking tool for getting inspired and organized in the kitchen and on-the-go.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner: The new and improved Allrecipes Dinner Spinner gives you instant access to collection of member-shared recipes with photos, ratings and reviews from a community of more than 30 million home cooks.

Mobile Apps to Visit New Places

Field Trip: Available for iPhone users, Field Trip acts as your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world. Starting from local history to the latest and best places to shop, eat, and have fun, this app even helps to discover the obscure history about your neighbourhood during your next walk to the park.

Viator Tours & Activities: Optimized for iOS 7, mobile app development has given their best one to find and book amazing tours and activities around the world. Listed with thousands of high-resolution photos and fun, and enlightening videos, this app serves over 500,000 reviews.

Around Me: Now finding out information about your surroundings is a breeze. With around me, you can choose to locate through maps, view routes, add the information to your contact list or even email the information to a friend.

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What’s the Best Approach for Organizations of All Sizes to Develop Mobile Applications?

Every organization around the world can see employees walking around with iPhones and other smart devices. Not to be surprised when tech-savvy organizations took this opportunity to introduce mobile apps for employees so as to improve on more productive, and which their customers can use to transact business.

Traditional Methods

Since ages, the “official” methods sanctioned by Apple and Google are used to create iPhone apps as well as Android: using Apple’s Xcode developer toolset or Google’s Android SDK.

These mobile app development tools enable you to write for native apps that can make the most of all the features of the respective operating systems and the devices on which they run.

Drawback: writing native apps needs skilled developers for that particular OS say iOS and Android and it costs you extra pennies.

Cross-platform Development

Unlike in native mobile application development where you need separate tools, different APIs and different languages, the benefit of this approach is that it costs about the same to develop apps that run on both operating systems. A few popular cross-platform development tools include

  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5
  • Xamarin
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • IBM Worklight
  • Adobe’s open source PhoneGap

Enterprise developer teams demand for these sorts of cross-platform development frameworks.

Drawbacks: Apps developed in this way don’t always look like true native apps. There would be lack an air of professionalism and look inexpensive compared making them a no-no for consumer apps.

Web Application Development

Another alternative approach is to create Web apps in HTML5, JavaScript or CSS. This is often considered the “poor man’s approach” to app development due to the lack of access to device specific features.

To sum up, if you want to build apps to be used in-house by your staff, multi-platform tools are to be considered. And, if you want to knock up something quickly that is simple and inexpensive the Web app approach may be best.

Importance of Remote Access Apps for Your Industry

Smartphone’s, in these days, offer the best opportunity that you could use to access your files and data that are stored on your desktop. In other words, Android application development has given you the power to remotely access your desktop files.

Remote Access App Benefits for Your Business

  • Easy to retrieve files from your desktop and share them with others.
  • Avoid the daily traffic jam by working from home during rush hour.
  • No more separation anxiety during travelling. Your computer is always a couple taps away.
  • Works flawlessly from anywhere in the globe with no firewall issues.

Having said, here are some awesome remote access apps contributed by professional mobileapp developers for Android.


This app allows you to manage your files between phone and computer using a remote access. While it allows you to copy or delete files from your computer, it can even change your ringtones directly from the PC browser to the same network with your device. Moreover, app developers have integrated a feature in it that helps to locate your lost phone.

Android VNC Viewer

The Android Virtual Network Computer (VNC) viewer is an app that provides a convenient way of accessing files from their personal computer. Using an internet connection through WiFi or 3G it is possible to access your computer files remotely using your device. The app connects with Windows, Linux, TighVNC, Apple and ReaVNC servers alongside importing and exporting files on the SD card.


This application can instantly make your mobile device to control and manage PC docs, wirelessly. It features an on-screen mouse button and a touch screen mouse control so that your Smartphone acts as a wireless keyboard and mouse.

No matter where you are or what you need to do, creating a custom mobile app lets benefits both you and your business. With it, discover greater productivity and flexibility! Would you like to share any features of your custom build mobile app? Feel free to share your comments.