Mobile App Payment Functionality to Expand Your Business Venture

The opportunity to present an ecommerce store via an m-commerce app is luring. When a retailer goes online on the move, the first thing a mobile customer worries about is the payment transaction. And therefore, the need to make these transactions safe and secure becomes the prime need for an ecommerce venture, especially on mobile app.

Here comes the role of mobile gateway solutions. Here’s is an illustration of how the mobile payment functionality becomes an integral part of any mobile commerce offering.

So…What’s Current Approach?

The mobile app field currently offer the most popular payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. On the other hand, retailers and intermediaries are always looking at ways that can enable them to aggregate many payment sources such as credit cards, PayPal and Google Wallet into one solution.

Perhaps Apple’s iTunes mechanism is the leading solution for the purchase of digital goods and yes, iOS developers play an intense role. Its sophistication lies in the quick and easy payment mechanism it provides to consumers.

However, the biggest challenge with mobile application development companies in New York is when many of the developers who implement payment APIs fail to create a proper process that which reduces the sophistication level. Also, web browsers usually have an SSL symbol that assures consumers their data is securely transmitted. But, mobile app development has no such widely-accepted format.

What’s Its Future?

Obviously, the trends in mobile app payments are related to reducing friction during the checkout process. This digital era, however look into ways that ease shopping strategies. This includes

  • The use of a phone’s camera to scan a credit card and virtually swipe it so that the consumer does not have to manually type the card numbers
  • Similar look and feel to the payment screens on mobile apps to feel at ease
  • Real tools to validate or authenticate whether the payment page is indeed secure or not

Looking for Payment Gateway Mobile App developers or Work? Approach Openwave Computing LLC, a leading Mobile app development company based in NYC. Our special team for ecommerce development ensure a trustworthy solution where the payment process is seamless and secure.

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