Implanting Android App Development in Your Business

The surprising hike in the number of Smartphone’s these days has engulfed the mobile application market in a large extend. But getting started can be daunting if you are not sure to choose the right platform for your needs.

 The success of Android App Development is beyond the imagination level and businesses are taking advantage of this great platform to improve and expand, one at a time. So, as it, this article covers how implementation of Android helps application developer and clients in this geek market.

Significance of Android App Development

Google App Store: It Has It All

The first and the foremost advantage of Google Play is its wide category of application with tremendous areas of working. Being an IT entrepreneur, you would surely find its flexibility with prime monetization in your business. Plus, the updates and upgrades in accordance to the newer versions of Android have made it easy for android app developers to bring out their creativity.

Easy Implementation

Android development includes Android SDK, Java and jQuery. So, developers with in depth knowledge of app compatibility on Google store can build up better apps. With well-versed collaboration among the technical, designing and deployment teams, making better apps is totally in the hands of Android apps development companies, but bear in mind it is not hard at all to implement as work function, even for a new startup.

Revenue Generation

The main focus behind establishing or expanding business is to gain the fruits of Profit and Reputation with lasting certifications. With no doubts, Android application development has high-end market utility with an onset that guarantees flourishing business. Using features like upgrades, paid apps and app store optimization services, it has become prevalent in the market with existence of cut-throat competition in the market.

So, that’s it. Do not forget to consider the above mentioned pointers for your next Android Development project. There are many reasons why Android is still the better? Consult professionals developing for android apps before proceeding.


Factors That Can Jeopardise Your App Development Business

In the last few years, mobile apps have grown long way and continues to evolve at a rapid pace packed with new features. But then, half the apps in app store don’t make it the way you want it to be. So… it’s clear that without understanding the common pitfalls that come with app development, the learning process is never complete.

This article is packed with a few common mistakes that can easily jeopardise your business.

Top 4 Mistakes and How to avoid them?

Starting With a Complex Apps: difficult to navigate and operate. 

Having too many features packed into the app can be explosive adding difficult navigation and operation. It is not always that your users need to be a techno geek and instead of delighting him you rather end up frustrating him. For instance, developing iPhone apps with UI that is quick and easy to learn helps you achieve the goal, instantly.

Choosing the Platforms

This is the golden rule: entertainment app developer New York (both android and iOS) shouldn’t attempt to cover too many platforms, especially beginners. It not affects the cost significantly but also reduces the success rate of the app. Instead try focusing on one platform, better is developing for android- the one that would offer the best value proposition.

Including N number of features

Similar to developing for too many platforms, including too many features can end up with an app that has either limited appeal across a too wide target market or one where you have a wide range of features but not all of them seem useful. App developers need to understand what their clients want to achieve- uniqueness with features should be the major objective.

The Various Methods of Marketing It

Before launching, research needs to be done on how the app will be discovered easily on app store. You need to look at what category the app falls in, and how it will be marketed. Bear in mind, until the app been listed in the relevant app store and fully tested, press releases should never be sent out. This can create bad impression and perhaps user may end up not coming back.

As the advancement of mobile technology continues to reshape consumer purchasing behaviour, if you are considering developing a mobile app, ensure you look through mobile application development company profile before consultation.

The Advent of HTML5 to Drive Enterprises with Brilliant IOS 7 Changes

Since the iOS 7’s enhancements, enterprises have become the place where ‘mobility’ is in full swing. Apple apparently dominates in the enterprise at the app level which means iPhone application developers in NYC put more efforts in their day-to-day jobs. Regardless of all the eye candy of refreshing colours and unique icons, here are substantial benefits to quick adoption of iOS 7 for enterprise developers.

In this article we shall see what makes enterprises bring change with the advent of apple’s latest version. 

IOS 7 and Mobile app Development

IOS 7, being one of the top notch Smartphone OS, is more stable and secure for organizations which have to manage increasing BYOD (bring your own device) issues. When developing iPhone apps is undoubtedly the largest entry in the mobile world. However, the growing open standards like HTML 5 which is supposed to cut across platforms offers content or functionality on a mobile device depriving iPhone app development itself.

Here are some facts that make enterprises rethink with Apple’s IOS7

  • Redesigned User Interface: IPhone application development using iOS 7 will have a huge impact on Ready business apps. Therefore, enterprises have to put a lot of effort into optimization. The opportunities for HTML5 turning into the one technology to rule them all look gloomy.
  • Cutthroat competition: The current competitive market needs to develop apps that provide great user experiences. Which iOS 7 brings many opportunities for enterprises and allows businesses to gain maximum benefit in tight markets.
  • Regular Updates: Enterprises will often encounter with regular OS upgrades in the mobile platform war which infact brings businesses have to be ready for anything to pull through the enterprise mobility race.

Summing up, iOS7 gives organizations an opportunity to develop revolutionary apps paying attention to both clients and the enterprise, adding many BYOD benefits businesses. Do you still want to go for hybrid apps? Call is yours.

Openwave Computing LLC, a leading mobile app development company, NYC offers various development services and their vast experience in the field will help you choose which platform or service to approach at a very friendly budget.

5 Key Areas Every Enterprise Mobile Architect Should Concentrate In 2014

In recent times, extending enterprise applications to mobile devices has become a priority for organizations optimizing their workforce. This mobility space is growing through which it is influencing both architects and Enterprise App Developers in many ways.

This article outlines the 5 big considerations enterprise architects need to take into account when developing apps.

What Should Enterprise Mobile Architects Concentrate On?

Growing Need for Offline Apps: Adding offline capabilities to an app can bring triple its development complexity. But then, four in five (78%) respondents say they’re planning to build apps with offline support in 2014. With expanding local data requirement, the need to have a hardened mobile client infrastructure expands as well.

Efficient Data Leverage From Back-End Systems: Since the mobile landscape is becoming increasingly strategic with Hybrid Mobile Application Development and integration with back-end data. This adds that as mobile needs evolve organisations should be flexible to combine data and transactions that is coming from the constantly changing back-end systems.

To Meet The Price Points Jump: Majority of enterprises require predictability in their infrastructure costs. This pricing structures depends on the type of app – B2C v B2E – is just vendors being greedy.

Leave behind the Traditional Way: With mobile technology becoming mainstream, mobile app developers should be proficient and use the support system appropriately. In precise, the last thing enterprises want is a closed platform.

Multi Device And Multi OS Apps: A survey outlines that four in five (78%) claim to supporting a wide range of employee, partner, and customer-owned apps that run across multiple operating systems. Despite the “deploy once, run anywhere” nature of HTML5 Application Development, enterprises are still blindly doubting to move forward.

End of the day, it is about how today’s Enterprise App Developers plan that account for the rapidly evolving enterprise mobility space, Do You Agree With Its Verdict? Then, it’s now you should approach a professional mobile app development company, like Openwave Computing LLC, NYC.


Go Paperless… Use Mobile Apps

It is Obvious that eliminating the paper forms means saving trees and reducing the carbon footprint. What are you still waiting for? It is high-time to consider developing a field services management mobile app for your business. Don’t be afraid of the cost. Actually the development cost of an enterprise mobile app depends on your business needs. At Openwave Computing LLC, we develop a variety of enterprise mobile applications to meet the needs of businesses.

How Smart is the Appcelerator’s Titanium for Business Apps

Developing a mobile application that is perfect in every single element of functional, responsive and compatible is quite challenging for every professional developer. Titanium is a recently evolved open source cross-platform apps development framework that provides an integrated environment to develop a wide range of applications.

Emerged as one of the best cross-platform frameworks, Appcelerator’s Titanium allows you to develop high-end mobile apps. It offers an SDK that supports major operating systems such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, and even Tizen and mobile web apps together with excellent documentation and community resources. As you read on, find-out more about its features, benefits and more.

Major Features and Benefits of Appcelerator’s Titanium Framework

Supports Multiple Platforms:

One of the golden features in Hybrid Mobile Apps Development is its multiple platforms support. Through which we can deploy apps without compatibility issues on various devices such as tablets, desktop and mobiles.

JavaScript API:

Titanium framework provides JavaScript API that can be used for interacting with native code so that developers can easily develop interactive apps without any hassle. Being a platform-independent API, it gives access advanced features like cameras, touch screens, GPS, navigation, contacts, storage, and much more.

Trending Web Technology:

Trendy and powerful tools such as HTML5, AJAX, CSS3, jQuery and many more are being used here. All these functional entities will definitely deliver a high-performance application.

Quality Meets Time

Compared to other mobile application frameworks, Titanium Mobile Development invokes advanced quality features to make app development task easy and straightforward. Developers who have a little knowledge about HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax and JavaScript can find it easy to learn every nitty-gritty aspect of Titanium and make use it to empower in the design work.

To summarise, Appcelerator Titanium is a perfect framework to work with. That’s why hiring titanium app development service from any well-known mobile application development company to develop your own application makes more sense.