5 Epic Formulas to App Success

There is an app for everything. But not all of them shake the world and land on every phone imaginable because revolutionary apps hit almost every day. The success formula in mobile app development is “bug free app + awesome design = massive success”.

In order to influence app rank, here are some of the tips for creating amazing consumer value mobile apps.

Do One Thing And Do It Well

Solving one problem at a time is a great tactic to mobile app development success because tackling multiple problems makes it difficult to keep an app simple. Eventually, this lead to frustrated users and frustrated users will go elsewhere.

Get Noticed and To Get Downloaded

The digital ecosystem is flooded with millions of apps with purchases to the tune of roughly $25 billion each year. Understanding the fact that users search for apps that solve their problems helps app developers to likely come up with ideas that don’t need branding or advertising. This is one of the easiest ways to stay on the survivors list.

Include a Piece of Golden Information

If you can solve one problem simply, check and see if there are any other steps you can remove. Filling out large amounts of information isn’t easy on a mobile device and can be an incredibly frustrating process.

Importance of Promotion

Before you launch, grab your list of media contacts as in like tech sites, blogs, freelance reporters, and newspapers. While conveying them an overview of what you’re planning and when you expect to launch ask for their interest. Let them preview the app which can act as the word out without drowning out your message.

Does your app work on the iPad?

Tablets like Microsoft Surface or those that run on Android grew 78.4% percent shipments last year. Down the line in next 5 years, mobile application development companies in New York expect tablets to account for 16% of all connected device sales, reaching more than 352 million units.

These are a few guidelines on how to develop a mobile app that can beat success in no time.

Getting Smart with Developing a Mobile App – What Should You Know?

Despite the many challenges, implementing mobility for both workforce and consumers is prioritised among many industries. There’s a “cool factor” to many great apps but a slow and bug-riddled one can negatively affect the return on investment and can also harm a company’s reputation.

This is why it is important to have some insights mobile applications development for your business.

First, User’s Expectations from an App

Even though, a couple of years back mobile websites were on the stands, as days passed by the overwhelming majority of Smartphone users (85 percent) prefer mobile apps over mobile websites for three reasons: Convenience, fastness and Easy browsing.

And what should be doing on this? The most common performance issues annoying app users are crashing, lagging and sluggish load times.

Secondly, Never Neglect These Critical Factors

Whether your app soars or sinks into oblivion, thorough functionality testing should be a priority from the very beginning of mobile app development whilst Developers considering examining things like audio and video playback, and script and library compatibility.

Thirdly, Testing User Interface and Usability

Successful mobile app development means a brilliant user interface and usability leveraging a quality front-end experience for users that keep your app high on the list of popular downloads.

And what should you do? Simple! Ensure the mobile application development company you hire has got a mobile app testing platform for real-time analytics and the data they need to not only solve problems.

Last But Not Least, App Store Ranking

An app performance and response time correlates to user adoption. For instance, an app with a 4.5-star review will be downloaded nearly four times more than an app with a 3.5-star review. Only comprehensive testing of functionality and user experience can reliably make the difference in how well an app is appreciated by users.

Are you willing to develop a cost-effective solution? Keep in mind, functionality and user experience can make the difference in how well an app is appreciated by users.


How Mobile App Development Affects Ecommerce Industry?

Ecommerce is a well-establishing business in recent times and if you are in the same and still you don’t have the mobile app of your website- aren’t you losing half the customers?

Effects of Mobile App Development in the Ecommerce Market

Having said, apps is the best path to reach and connect more consumers directly- highlighted below are a few effects of mobile app development in the ecommerce market

  • People mostly choose mobile apps to search the products
  • Whilst taking advantage on offers and flat discounts on products, you can maintain good relationships and trust with the customers
  • When compared to B2B, Ecommerce apps are widely used for the retailers.
  • Lets you reach the customers directly without having to further worry about developing the business and increase the sales.

Different application design (both android and iOS) apply to increase traffic and successful conversion. Let’s take two of the most widely used platforms for developing a shopping cart.

Magento Mobile

Having a Magento based e-commerce store? Then, it is easy to put it into your customer’s hands with the help of custom designed mobile application. Magento Mobile Application features

  • Seamless storefront integration and accessibility to store’s checkout, catalogue, reporting, inventory, mobile app payment gateway and much more
  • Universal for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Fully customizable after it is live

Shopify Mobile

If you would like to get good looking store which is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and other Smartphone’s Shopify offers all types of mobile commerce features.

  • Offers mobile ecommerce functionality with such features as checkout and secure shopping cart
  • Level 1 PCI Compliant hosting and 128 bit SSL encryption for thorough security
  • Automatic design customization for phones with different screen size

These are only a few samples. Would you like to turn ecommerce web store into an app? Approach a Mobile app development company like Openwave Computing LLC who have a decade plus experience in web and mobile application. Get a free quote on first preference.


4 Important Tips to Get Your Mobile App Built Rapidly

Do you have a fixed deadline in mind for your app development project?

There are always a million reasons why you need to look for a faster app development cycle. Perhaps, the upcoming holiday season or your funding came with some milestone, be it any. Here are the four ways to help you meet your deadlines.

Application Developers
Mobile Apps Development

What’s Your Idea behind the App Creation?

Compiling an app concept that inclines a basic outline to features, functions and other specifications for the final product is vital. The developers are going to find it as a blueprint for the project. And if you make changes to that plan in the mid of development stage, you are liable to create delays.

Bear in mind, each additional feature complicates the process and changing one thing partway through development is likely to break other aspects of the app as well.

Hire an Experienced Team

Looking for a developer? Ask for their port folio of similar works as in using similar functions, or similar industries, etc. Consider the amount of time they required to learning and get that work done.

Many of those potential hazards are very specific. Say for instance, if you want to develop an entertainment app and none of their hundreds of apps have incorporated graphics calling elements, obviously they are missing a key piece of experience.

Design and Development under One Roof

In case the design team needs to transfer the work over or the developers want to get the art asserts changes or modified- communication should be faster- which means, both the teams has to be working underneath the same project managers.

Using Industry Standard Tools and SDKS

Pre-built modules accelerate mobile app development time considerably and without a standard protocol it might take weeks to implement something. In case you using an obscure, unsupported SDK, troubleshooting could be difficult. For example, PayPal offers an SDK for integrating PayPal’s payment gateway.

As a bottom line, these tips are sure to help you race through the app development process in record time. So, why not start thinking of an idea.