How Mobile App Development Affects Ecommerce Industry?

Ecommerce is a well-establishing business in recent times and if you are in the same and still you don’t have the mobile app of your website- aren’t you losing half the customers?

Effects of Mobile App Development in the Ecommerce Market

Having said, apps is the best path to reach and connect more consumers directly- highlighted below are a few effects of mobile app development in the ecommerce market

  • People mostly choose mobile apps to search the products
  • Whilst taking advantage on offers and flat discounts on products, you can maintain good relationships and trust with the customers
  • When compared to B2B, Ecommerce apps are widely used for the retailers.
  • Lets you reach the customers directly without having to further worry about developing the business and increase the sales.

Different application design (both android and iOS) apply to increase traffic and successful conversion. Let’s take two of the most widely used platforms for developing a shopping cart.

Magento Mobile

Having a Magento based e-commerce store? Then, it is easy to put it into your customer’s hands with the help of custom designed mobile application. Magento Mobile Application features

  • Seamless storefront integration and accessibility to store’s checkout, catalogue, reporting, inventory, mobile app payment gateway and much more
  • Universal for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Fully customizable after it is live

Shopify Mobile

If you would like to get good looking store which is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and other Smartphone’s Shopify offers all types of mobile commerce features.

  • Offers mobile ecommerce functionality with such features as checkout and secure shopping cart
  • Level 1 PCI Compliant hosting and 128 bit SSL encryption for thorough security
  • Automatic design customization for phones with different screen size

These are only a few samples. Would you like to turn ecommerce web store into an app? Approach a Mobile app development company like Openwave Computing LLC who have a decade plus experience in web and mobile application. Get a free quote on first preference.



Author: Melanie Antoine

Openwave Computing is a premier Information Technology leader, providing exemplary services to the clients worldwide since 1997. We have transformed companies through the value chain, providing technology to attain a competitive advantage. We, Openwave, transform our relationships from being just a service partner to a strategic partner. We excel in understanding their unique requirements and customize our services to fulfill all their technology needs.

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