What You Need to do if you’ve lost Your Phone?

Losing a phone is not uncommon. We often hear about it but are we clear about what to do in such a situation? This is what we look at in this article.

Google Tracking

If you’ve connected your device to a Google account and the device in turn, is connected to the internet, only then will this mode of tracking work. You can locate your device with the Android device manager. This is a freely downloadable tool that helps to track your device but with two caveats: that it should be connected to the internet and that it be attached to a Google account.

You can not only locate your device but also ring your phone and erase data if you think it is under threat. Now if more than one device is connected to your Google account, then you need to ensure that you select the correct device.

Android User

If you are an Android user, then you can track your phone by using Android Lost, an app that helps you locate lost mobile phones. Now how do you use this app when you have lost your phone? Android has a solution. It lets you send an SMS via a remote device and log in to your Google account. Through that you can access your SMS, your phone data and your phone’s location.

But again, this will only work if your lost mobile phone is connected to your Google account and the internet. So what if your phone isn’t connected to your Google account?

What ForgotMyPhone App Gives You?

This is where the ForgotMyPhone app helps you. You need to download this app on a secondary phone and a single push notification from your secondary phone directs the web server to ping the primary device. The primary device (your misplaced/lost mobile) promptly responds with its location which the web server messages you.

Remarkably simple as it is, it also allows you to lock your phone to protect it from unauthorised access. If that were not enough, you can also delete data on your mobile via a push notification. Apart from this, you can also receive calls of your primary mobile on your secondary device. You can enable the call forwarding functionality with the help of codes provided by network operators like Verizon, Sprint, and T-mobile.