How is Technology making Huge Changes to the Event Management Industry?

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The event management industry is booming worldwide and contributes over a $110 billion to the United States’ GDP. Technology is playing a significant role in the popularity and the growth of these industries. Thanks to instant communications offered by these devices, event organizers can plan and manage parties, conferences, meetings, and other large-scale gatherings much better than before. And it’s not just organizers that are reaping the benefits – consumers have helped greatly, too.

Here are some ways in which technology has made massive changes to the event industry:

Mobile Ticket Booking

It’s now possible for fans and event attendees to book tickets to their favorite gatherings instantly from smartphones. Ticket booking apps also offer several advantages over regular terminal-based bookings – they are easier to manage and much more personalized. They also improve attendee engagement and allow organizers to provide a richer experience.

Boosting Revenues and Reducing Costs

According to research, technology is bringing up revenues through bookings (and other means) by 20 percent and, by streamlining management, reducing organizational costs by over 30 percent. All of this results in not only a bigger event, but also a productive one.

Data Analysis for Predictions

Collecting data from attendees isn’t a widespread practice as of now, but it’s headed that way in the future. Not only are organizers able to determine what’s popular, but they are also able to provide a better experience to visitors.

Virtual Events

Not everyone has the time – or sometimes the inclination – to visit significant events. With virtual technology, like Virtual Reality, it’s possible to hold virtual events via the internet. For big matches/games like Football, viewers can get the best seat in the house at a fraction of the cost with this tech.

Cashless Payments

Apple Pay and other cashless payment methods, like social media payments, are beginning to gain in popularity. They are convenient ways to pay for attendees, and can significantly drive up revenues if implemented.

If you’re in the events business, creating a mobile app – with latest features and instant booking support – can drive growth. You can partner with an excellent mobile app development company to create a great app at an economical price.

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