Mobile App Maintenance: Why it’s Time You Started Paying Attention to It?

It’s a mobile world, and those who fail to realize this fact have already lost half the battle in the competitive space. However, success doesn’t come to all those who opt for apps development. Most develop an app, and then forget about it, inadvertently washing away all their investments into nothingness. Development is not a one-time process, but rather a continuous evolution that prevails as long as the app is live on the market. An article published in the Business Insider, states that around 52% of apps are uninstalled within the first three months owing to poor maintenance. If you don’t want your application to end up in the trash, then it’s time you start paying attention to maintenance.

App Maintenance

Here are five proven benefits of periodic application maintenance that will prompt you to hire mobile app developers for regular upkeep:

  1. Updating to the new OS

Only recently android came out with its brand-new Oreo version and its counterpart released iOS 11. Owing to the regular OS releases and constant shift from one platform to another by users, regularly reviewing your application will help it stay in line with the changes. If your app is only supported by older OS versions, then it means you’re losing out on a significant user base.

  1. Improving Overall App Functionality

It’s not possible to build a mobile application that’s perfect. There’s always scope for improvement. From small glitches to crucial performance updates, application maintenance can completely alter the dynamics of your app, making the good even better.

  1. Regular App Monitoring

With the market becoming increasingly competitive, you never know when your competitor takes a leap ahead of you. Undertaking regular maintenance work will help you keep on top of your game and constantly monitor app performance, relevant metrics, and conversions. Any erratic behavior can be identified early on and remedial measures could be set up.

  1. A Better UI and UX

Trends come and go in mobile apps development. For instance, in 2017, card design has made a loud comeback. Staying relevant is necessary for survival. Constant tune-ups could help make those crucial tweaks in design and enhance the overall UI and UX of the application.

  1. Long-Term Financial Benefits

You can’t cram everything into it all at once. Some businesses make that very mistake and lose money hard and fast. Include only what’s necessary to save up on initial costs. Incorporate a strategic maintenance plan to build upon the application gradually. This will help you take home a better ROI.

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