6 iOS App Development Trends That Will Be In the Limelight In 2018

While the iPhone has undergone several iterations since its launch in 2007, what has remained constant is the quality and robustness of apps that are hosted on the iPhone. Apple which aims to always stay at the cutting edge of smartphone development encourages and adopts the latest in smartphone tech every time with a new version. The iOS app developer community, one of the most competitive and cutting-edge community, is gearing up for a new bout of innovations in the year 2018.

iOS App Development Trends

Watch out for the following trends:

  1. Swift 4: Swift 4 is the latest update for the language that is developed by Apple exclusively for its MacOS and Linux systems. It is a powerful and easy to learn programming language that is preferred by developers for its scalability and robust security. The latest version is expected to make it easy to build applications that have better memory management.
  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Siri: Siri is one of the most popular applications ever. Being the first voice assistant ever, it has transformed the way we interact with our smartphones. In its latest iteration, it is expected to incorporate AI-powered capabilities and make conversations far more human-like than ever.
  1. Core Machine Learning: Core Machine Learning or Core ML is the latest framework launched by Apple for incorporating machine learning algorithms into all its devices. Adding machine learning codes to the various iOS apps will enrich their performance and make them secure.
  1. Augmented Reality (AR) and ARKit: Augmented Reality is the new tech on the block with all emerging smartphones being AR/VR capable. Apple too is betting big on this technology by ARKit, the SDK that allows developers to build AR/VR/3D apps for the iOS platform.
  1. Apple Pay: Apple Pay is one of the few applications that are not mentioned as much as it should be. With a boost of 500% in the number of transactions that take place in Apple pay, it is expected to take bigger strides in 2018.
  1. Apple HomeKit: Apple is betting big on IoT and home automation. In this regard, it has launched HomeKit that will make it easy for businesses to build connected devices.

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6 Ways Mobile Apps Can Create a Revolution in Gyms and Fitness Centers

Fitness is today an $80 Billion market with 5 billion dollars from the US. With over 70 million Americans taking up a gym membership each year, the market for fitness is likely to double in the US alone. With such strong trends in place, it is important to understand how mobile app developers can benefit from this well-established arena.

Fitness App

Today, there are several mobile apps and gadgets that are aimed at health and fitness conscious users.  Here are the benefits offered by mobile applications in this domain:

  1. Personalized Workout Instructions: Each member who visits a gym definitely has a unique body type and needs to be offered a dedicated workout regimen. Analytics built into apps can plan a user’s workout schedule based on the inputs from the instructor and can get the desired results.
  2. Diet Strategies: Diet is an integral part of a fitness plan. Developing a diet strategy can now be made effective with the use of analytics. Individual diet plans based on the user’s metabolism can be calculated and the plan with the most positive results can be chalked out.
  3. Alerts and Messages: Offering 24X7 assistance to members is possible thanks to push notifications that can deliver important information from the promoters of the gym. Other information such as aggregate workout info, health-tips, and motivational messages can be sent directly to the app.
  4. Scheduling: These apps also make it easy for gym members to set up appointments with their dedicated trainers and stay connected with them. From booking slots for the spa to scheduling a meet with the dietician, all activities at the gym can be planned well in advance.
  5. Promotions and Cross Marketing: These apps also offer a promotional platform for the owners of the gym. They can promote their other associated brands and their products through push notifications. This gives them more visibility and increases reach.
  6. Payments: The payment for the gym can be simplified by integrating a payment gateway into the app. From credit cards to mobile wallets, a variety of payment options can be incorporated into the application, thereby offering flexibility to users.

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