5 Benefits Of An E-Catalogue App For The Furniture Industry

Gone are the days when a printed catalogue would introduce a business and its products to customers. Today as most shopping has shifted over to the World Wide Web, e-Catalogues have started to feature on various shopping apps. When you own a premium product offering store such as upholstery and furniture, e-Catalogues can prove really handy in projecting the right brand image in front of your prospective audience.

Furniture App

Here are a few advantages of integrating e-Catalogues as a part of your furniture store.

1.Enhanced Brand Image

Ask any experienced furniture app development expert and they would tell you what a difference to the brand image the inclusion of an e-Catalogue brings to the app.

2.Quick Turnaround Of Any Updates Required

Having an e-catalogue as a part of your app is better than the printed ones, especially owing to the ease with which new additions/deletions or updates can be performed to the former. All these actions are done as a part of an online interface, and are hence effortless.

3.A Cost Effective Solution

Factor in the cost of the printing material and the actual printing of the hard copy catalogues and you have a recipe for increased budgets. When you choose to go down the way of including e-Catalogues as a part of your app, all that is needed to be added is the images and descriptive content about the products, both of which are either low cost, or at best free.

4.Social Viral Marketing

Think of the actual reach of a printed catalogue of your products – it reaches only the people who physically see it. An e-Catalogue on the other hand is an app developer and promoter’s favorite in terms of the ease with which it is able to be shared on social media and rake in thousands of views and likes.

5.The Environmental Aspect

The last thing you need is your marketing campaign to prove a burden on the environment. E-Catalogues are a straight winner over printed ones in this regard.

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How The Mobile Ecommerce Experience Is Long Due For An Overhaul?

While eCommerce as an industry and a way of living for people saw a great transformation post the coming of Amazon and AliBaba, there is always the need for the right support infrastructure to grow it. This very support infrastructure was brought forward by the coming up of mobile applications, and 2010 marked the breakout point for mobile sales. But mobile eCommerce hasn’t scaled the heights it was expected to, owing to shortcomings in the overall experience the customers have.

Online shopping through buying from internet

Let’s look at some of the areas where the mobile eCommerce experience is lacking and where it can be improved:

  1. Web Avenues Vs Mobile Apps

Although eCommerce got a latent push as it caught customer frenzy, most portals which went on to extend the functionality to mobile based applications simple scaled it like-to-like. In this, the shopping experience which resulted for the consumers wasn’t very easy to comprehend and has hence, not brought about any revolutionary change in sales.

  1. Lack of Responsiveness

While an increasing number of eCommerce applications have been built, not all of them are responsive enough to lend a suave customer experience. Most eCommerce application developers do not pay much heed to making mobile applications responsive and this is where customers do not get the same experience as they do on web avenues.

  1. Lacking Shopping Features

In many cases, application developers do not replicate all the features which are offered on e-Commerce web portals, and this is why customers are not able to have a similar experience when they move over to mobile shopping.

  1. Inadequate Security Features

While most eCommerce portals are prompt with data privacy certifications and disclosures on their web avenues, this theme takes a back seat on the mobile app interface for some reason. This is yet another reason why customers tend to shy away from making purchases over the mobile stores.

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