The Core Process Of Mobile App Automation Testing

We live in a world that is now craving for instant and on-demand services. In order to cater to such needs, we need powerful and reliable tools. Mobile apps serve as amazing solutions for many of our problems today. However, before launching them, they have to undergo an important test for automation. It is vital to ensure the app’s performance and its success in the market.


Here’s the core process behind the testing of automation of mobile apps.

1) Preliminary Assessment:

Firstly, the business requirements have to be laid down clearly for developers to define the testing parameters accordingly. One must have a complete understanding of the features and functionalities that will be incorporated within the app to figure out what tools can be used for carrying out an effective assessment. A few popular choices for testing include tools like Selenium, Appium, JIRA, and Apache JMeter. These can be channelized according to the requirements.

2) Core Planning:

Once the app has been successfully characterized, it is important to determine which aspect needs this particular test. It is not necessary that everything needs to be tested with automation. At times, manual testing serves better. After establishing the areas that need to undergo this assessment, different test cases have to be prepared to avail all possible loopholes. Some apps have been jammed for being unprepared for a particular situation.

3) Optimization:

After cementing the principles and mechanisms by which the app will function, it is time to test its compatibility with the framework that will be used for operations. This is where you can snip out redundant elements and cater to improved performance. It will be helpful to prepare test scripts which enable the developers to ensure that key elements are not affected in the process.

4) Execution:

Now it’s time to execute on those test cases with the optimized app. It is very important to create, optimize and maintain protocols for testing in order to avoid wastage of time and strive towards reliable outcomes. The results obtained after assessment should be reviewed and analyzed for errors. This will pave way for further improvements and come up with a better version.

5) Reporting:

Any defect and error found in the app must be recorded, be it minor or major, and reported in order to help developers deal with them accordingly and improve its overall performance. This allows for the elimination of all possible errors and achieves the best working condition, ensuring smooth functioning throughout.

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4 Ways Smart Homes Will Enhance Real Estate In 2019

Today, we have managed to integrate a lot of our devices in the physical space with the virtual world. This has led to the creation of smart communication systems which pave way for technology and devices to interact and seamlessly perform functions which simplify our lives further. Real estate is now getting influenced by such advancements which undoubtedly improve its prospects.

Here are 4 ways smart homes will enhance real estate in 2019.

Smartphone With Remote Smart Home Control System

1) Increasing Demand:

When the property is integrated with advanced IoT assets, it is sure to attract a lot of buyers. It makes a lot of functions easier and more convenient to perform. The experience is further enhanced which most often delightful. All of these features captivate people and consequently, increase the demand for IoT enabled properties in the market.

2) Higher Resale Value:

A smart home has a higher resale value due to all the obvious perks that come along with it. But it’s not just about the convenience factor. Since a lot of functions are automated, time is saved. This can lead to a big boost in productivity. Moreover, anything that saves time is what has more value today. Thus, real estate properties enabled with IoT easily have more value than those without it.

3) Smart Selling Point:

All the perks rendered by IoT enabled properties to serve a smart selling point for sellers. They’re so undeniably good that it is fairly easy to convince people to buy with the charm this technology. Having it pre-installed in a home is an additional work that is already done. Buyers don’t have to break a sweat for installation ever. Hitting these key points, it is possible to successfully sell properties for good prices.

4) Specific Pool Of Buyers:

While not everyone can afford or would possibly wish to purchase such properties, there is definitely a dedicated pool of buyers who are on the lookout for them. This pretty much adds a new viable category under real estate which is bound to prosper for the years to come. So, this is certainly an area to consider investing to gain big returns on investment.

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5 Must-Have Features In A Real-Estate App

Mobile applications are extremely easy to access, enabling us to perform tasks with just a few taps on the screen. While real estate is a lucrative venture, sailing through is not possible as it requires a lot of effort – in doing research, communicating with agents or buyers or sellers, finding out the state of property locality, estimating cost for purchase or sale, understanding real estate market, determining the amount of loan to be taken or if a property can be mortgaged, and so many other factors which make this venture truly challenging. Supporting it with a brilliant mobile app will simplify a lot of the complications.


Here are 5 must-have features in a real estate app:

1) Creating Profiles:

Allowing users to register and create profiles according to their status – agent, buyer, seller, is a creative way to segregate different players involved and establish what is exactly required or offered. This makes the process of communication extra smooth as interactors will have a good idea of what to expect from each other.

2) Detailed Property Descriptions:

Real estate properties should be elaborated enough to give buyers a good idea about them so that they can decide whether to pursue them or not. Quality images and videos can be uploaded to give a better representation. Moreover, with recent advancements, virtual reality can be employed to give buyers a virtual tour of the property.

3) Extensive Navigation and Search Options:

Based on varying interests of buyers, different categories of properties should be made and filter options for search and navigation should be provided accordingly. Presenting users with an option to create a list of favorite properties allows them to get back as and when required.

4) Integrating Social Media:

Social media platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and others are great mediators of spreading messages. You can display all properties available for sale targeting local buyers and improve conversions exponentially. Moreover, the discoverability of your app considerably improves in a social environment as people continuously exchange information.

5) Utilities:

Useful tools like currency converter, loan calculator, mortgage calculator and more can be designed and integrated within the app to provide extensive resources for app users. This wholesome experience can improve reliability and user engagement as well. Thus, include as many utilities as possible to make your app a complete real estate package.

Including such features, real estate can be taken to the next level with a mobile app! The cost of creating one depends on a number of factors, ranging from the choice of OS, desired design and functionalities, and a lot more. However, If you are looking to invest in real estate app development, connect with Openwave! Our supreme arsenals of developers are only one call away from delivering you the best! Don’t forget to grab a free quote!