Top 10 Lucrative Ideas For Building A Food Delivery App In 2019

Most people love eating food. Having food business could lead to amazing revenue generations if you can pull it off well. We witness new restaurants and eateries being opened every other day. However, employing mobile app development, one can boost profits dramatically!

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Here are the top 10 lucrative ideas for building a Food Delivery App!

1) On-Demand Grocery Delivery:

Many people want are looking for on-demand services to satisfy their needs immediately. As this is trending, offering an on-demand grocery delivery is definitely a great idea to Kick-start a business.

2) Delivery For Corporates:

Employees in the corporate are often busy with their work. They have very little time to worry about preparing food. Delivering to them right to their offices would be really helpful for them.

3) Delivery of Confectionery Items:

Desserts and cakes are people’s favorite. They make them happy and delighted. Moreover, you could also have birthday cake orders coming in every day! This is indeed a lucrative business idea.

4) Event Catering Service:

Since everything is digital today, developing a mobile app for booking catering services is a brilliant idea. This will boost conversions and simplify the whole process of food selection.

5) Delivery of Nutrition & Organic Food:

We are living in an age where fitness and healthcare are becoming a major concern throughout the world. Offering nutritious and organic food will surely be welcomed, even at a large scale.

6) Delivery of Fresh Fruits, Salad, and Sprouts:

A dedicated mobile app for delivering fruits and vegetables will streamline the consumer’s purchasing ability for them. Additionally, including fruit juices on the menu is a bonus.

7) Delivery of Milk & Dairy Products:

Selling milk and dairy products separately will encourage customers to explore the various options available and have them purchase them regularly. You could include other selling items as well.

8) Delivery During The Night:

In many countries, the night-life is a very active one. In this scenario, delivering food during the night will work great for your business. Creating a unique selling point will help you overcome your competitors.

9) Delivery Of Recipe And Ingredients:

There is a huge inclination towards farm-fresh food ingredients and healthy recipes. Providing them with the respective ingredients and step-by-step instructions will be a great service!

10) Delivery Of Restaurant Food:

As mentioned earlier, there are so many restaurants being opened everywhere. If you link your business with those restaurants and help deliver their food, you can get a good commission from each delivery made.

Making using of these ideas, it is quite possible to Kick-start and run a profitable business. Looking to hire an expert App Development Company in and around New York? Connect with Openwave! Our experts are adept at providing A1 services for App Design, Customization, and Development!



How To Take Your Business To Stellar Heights With AI

Artificial intelligence has brought so many boons in the field of technology. It renders exceptional capabilities to bots which allow them to effectively learn from data and perform relevant actions that can be leveraged. It is being incorporated into several devices and bots and is leading to stark advancements in all sectors, including mobile app development.

Birth Of Artificial Intelligence - Binary Burst

Here’s how you can take your business to stellar heights with AI!

1) Establish Business Requirements:

It is very important to know exactly the purpose of your business and what it will take to achieve it. Outlining a set of goals and milestones will help you arrive at the various requirements you have and help you build ideas on how to achieve them. Once you are clear of what is required, then you can look into how the incorporation of AI can augment the business. This will help you clearly see the difference between your business with and without it.

2) Explore The Possible Implementations:

As you figure out the various applications AI can have in your business, explore deeply into their working and the benefits that can be gotten out of them. Leave no stone unturned! It is a big thing to work with and you will need to exhaustively list down all potential uses before going for AI development. A very useful product of AI is a ‘ChatBot’ which can be deployed by any business to provide instant and quality customer service!

3) Be Ready To Face And Rectify Errors:

When you begin to work on the development aspects of artificial intelligence, you will come across several issues which appear to be puzzling and difficult to solve. It is important to understand that getting across such difficulties is the key to earn the fruits of artificial intelligence. Keeping that in mind, we need to rectify errors and make improvements to make the applications better than before.

4) Build A Firm AI Foundation:

As you continue to make improvements, ensure that you arrive at a rigid foundation from which many functions can branch and empower your business majestically! Leveraging artificial intelligence, it is possible to accelerate and enhance business functions dramatically and acquire improved engagements and conversions subsequently.

Following these foundational key points, it is certainly possible to have your business reach the stars! If you are interested in incorporating Artificial Intelligence Solutions with your mobile app, connect with Openwave! Our experts are adept at AI Development! We deliver nothing short of the best! Contact us to learn more!

iPhone App Development: 7 Surfacing Trends Of Today

iPhone’s have always stood out in the market for their sophisticated yet exemplary performance. They have enabled a brilliant platform – iOS, for app development. Owing to its amazing features, it has been widely adopted by developers all around the world.

Here are 7 iPhone app development trends that are surfacing today.

1) Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Siri is a great representation of the advancement we have made in AI. It makes a very good personal assistant for iPhone users by performing several tasks just by the voice command given. SiriKit helps developers to encourage them to create apps that can be operated hands-free.

Artificial Intelligence

2) Employment of Machine Learning:

With advanced machine learning capabilities, iPhone’s are now enabled with an extremely powerful processor known as A12 Bionic which capable of performing different tasks like identifying faces, improved photography and also recognizing unusual patterns of heartbeats.

Artificial Intelligence App

3) User Experience Enhancement with Virtual reality (VR):

With iOS 12, ARKit2 was released for a platform for the development of virtual reality. Face tracking and 3D object detection have become much easier. Moreover, simulated environments are being created and developed to provide unmatched user experience. This is a really important step towards iPhone app development.

Smiling man using virtual reality headset and digital tablet in

4) Integration of Internet of Things (IoT):

HomeKit is a secure IoT system which enables developers to connect various devices with the iPhone and have them remotely operated. Siri’s assistance can be sought for in this regard and this undoubtedly augments the ability of the user to perform tasks and drastically improve the quality of life.

Iot. Internet Of Thing Concept. Multichannel Online Communicatio

5) Tightening of Security:

iPhone’s have stood the test of times when it comes to keeping hackers at bay. With its strict policies and robust build, it has made it extremely difficult to penetrate its software and cause any harm. Due to their ability to keep up with this promise, many enterprises and individuals alike have placed trust in them.

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6) Cross-Platform Capabilities:

Catering to Apple and Ubuntu platforms, Swift serves as an amazing language for cross-platform app development. This has empowered mobile application development as Swift is known for its extraordinary scalability.

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7) Implementation of Apple Pay:

Being supported now by all devices this mode of payment has become popular and is catching a lot of attention. This move emphasizes more on the cashless policy, which is great because it is a step towards a cashless world where all transactions are preferably made digital.

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Bearing these key iPhone trends, it is definitely worth investing resources to enjoy their benefits. If you are looking to hire a professional iPhone app developer, reach out to Openwave! We provide brilliant solutions at affordable rates. Connect with us to find out more!