Does Your Ecommerce Business Really Need A Mobile App?

Most ecommerce businesses today run on web applications, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you notice big names like Amazon and Walmart, they also have an amazing mobile app for their business. That makes all the difference. It is crucial for online stores today to embrace all digital platforms and establish their presence across multiple channels! Many emerging ventures stick to having a web app alone and don’t get a mobile app for their businesses. Even with a stellar web application, you won’t be able to reach out to the millions of smartphone users.

Ecommerce App Developer

Here are 4 reasons why your business needs an ecommerce mobile app:

1) It Helps With Branding: The first requirement for ecommerce businesses is branding. Your products won’t sell if customers don’t trust your brand, or worse yet, aren’t aware of it! With a mobile app, your visibility shoots up tremendously. Enter the iOS and Android markets with the right app and your ROI will see a consistent increment.

2) Smartphones Are Used Widely: There are millions of people using smartphones today, and this makes for a mighty lucrative market. When you have a mobile app for your ecommerce business, it becomes incredibly easy to reach out to this huge market and make big sales.

3) Mobile Apps Are Faster: When compared to web apps, mobile apps are faster and a lot more convenient. Their memory requirement is minimal, ensuring that there’s little to no loading latency. This makes for the best customer experience.

4) Online Shopping Is Better On Phone: Shopping on phone is much more convenient when compared to a web app. Smartphones are handy, compact and come with a user interface that’s a lot more immersive than a web application. With an ecommerce mobile app, you’ll also be able to send out push notifications and personalize your customers’ experience!

It is no new realization that people prefer shopping on a mobile app when compared to a web app. With both web and mobile apps for your business, you’ll be covering a lot more ground and reel in a lot more customers! Avail world-class ecommerce app development for your business – call Openwave today! Our seasoned professionals will equip you with an amazing mobile app in no time.

Why Your Business Should Invest In Automation Testing?

Technology is growing rapidly as we continue to move from cars to self-driven cars, and AI assistants to AI-powered homes. Since these services don’t come cheap, it is important that businesses invest amply in testing them before deploying. However, many ventures skip the testing phase or go through it hurriedly so that their product enters the market before the competitors’. At the end of the day, all the hastiness doesn’t pay off as users are left dissatisfied with a buggy app. This is where test automation comes into play. It helps make development easier and keeps away post-deployment problems. While the intensity initially might be high, automation testing pays off massively.

QA Automation Testing Services

Here are 10 benefits of automation testing:

1) Swift Feedback: QA automation testing is a big relief for businesses and developers because it helps provide swift development feedback across any and all teams involved.

2) Time-Saving: Manually finding and correcting errors can grow harrowingly tedious. But with the right automation testing tools, you’ll be able to save a lot of time!

3) Debugging: Bug detection is a swift process when you avail QA automation testing solutions. This helps save time and corrects errors fast.

4) Code Reusability: Testing scripts can be reused and run multiple times irrespective of any OS changes in the device.

5) Run Tests Round The Clock: Automation testing tools help you run tests anywhere, anytime! Testers can let the tools do the job for them and come back to finished tasks and results.

6) Test Multiple Cases Simultaneously: No matter how many cases require testing, QA automation testing tools will let you run your tests simultaneously without any hassle.

7) Easy Log Generation: Log generation is important, since having a history of errors helps both mitigate further mistakes and correct existing ones, and automation testing tools let you generate logs easily.

8) ROI Improvement: All the benefits that QA automation testing offers ultimately fuel ROI growth for your business.

9) Attain Desirable Results: You can run tests and perform corrections till the desired results are achieved.

10) Less Manual Involvement: All you need is the backing of good automation testing tools and minimal human labor!

Automation testing will help you ship your product faster, without bugs and see swift results! Reach out to one of the leading automation testers, Openwave. A prominent name in the IT solutions game, we will provide your products with the best QA testing services. Partner up with us today and take to the skies! Dial now: +1(212) 209-1537

How Mobile Apps Are Augmenting Field Service Businesses

In today’s fast-paced age of digital advancement, mobile apps are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Since there are millions of mobile phone users, your business is bound to scale up faster with a mobile app that connects with those millions, than without one. The field service management industry is one such domain where mobile apps have become crucial. While most client-side operations happen smoothly, the field-side technicians often face discomfort in their job. Either with navigation or with billing, there are several hassles field technicians face that mobile apps help overcome! With a mobile app backing them, a big burden gets removed and they are able to do their job in a more efficient manner.

Field Service Mobile App
Handyman smart phone app with blank screen. Repairman holding telephone in hand. Copy space for text or maintenance work application or business service, top view

 Here are 4 benefits of employing field service mobile apps:

1) Complete Navigational Convenience: Poor navigational facilities are a huge problem in the FSM domain. Field-side workers are seldom able to navigate properly and this results in them being unpunctual. With a field service management app for their navigational needs, all they need to do is drive to the place! Geo-tagging will help field technicians travel to the ticket location hassle-free; this will save a lot of time and money.

2) Seamless Resource Management: Different jobs require different resources. Plumbers need pipes; carpenters need planks and so on. As a field service management firm, you can’t buy all the equipment needed! With a neat resource management module in your mobile app, resources will be able to rent it or access it from your inventory, in a manner so neat that no confusion is ever caused! Mobile apps are of great use when it comes to resource management.

3) Swift Billing: Billing might be the last task, but it certainly isn’t the least important one. In fact, the billing experience has to be absolutely seamless. A field service management app will help field service technicians produce an e-bill in seconds and communicate it with the customer then and there. This saves both their time and the technician’s!

4) Fluid Task Management: When the business is booming and multiple orders are coming in, a mobile app will help the field workers manage multiple orders with ease and tend to them swiftly.

The field service management industry is speculated to reach the billion Dollar mark within the next 5 years, and ventures everywhere are looking to capitalize on this! With a powerful mobile app and software to digitize processes, you can see stellar success in your FSM venture. Try a free demo of the top-notch tool QuikAllot, and see how it will completely enhance your business, call us now!

Enterprise Mobile Applications: What Is The Role Of AI?

Technology is ever-advancing and businesses need to quickly embrace them it as and when it does. Today, artificial intelligence has developed to become extremely useful and powerful in many ways. For instance, mobile application development can be integrated with AI and this combination can be leveraged by business to drive smooth and efficient functioning of their activities.

Here’s how artificial intelligence is equipping enterprise mobile applications and influencing various Functions.

1) AI Infused Into Your Lifestyle:

The majority of the population is equipped with mobile devices today. You will hardly find people not carrying their smartphones wherever they go. Incorporating artificial intelligence with mobile applications is a great way to learn the activities of the users and improve their lifestyle accordingly. Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa are brilliant examples of how useful and how integral AI has become in our lives.

2) Top Features Of AI:

AI enables users to customize their applications based on their preferences. It helps optimize the RAM, CPU, and ROM of the app in the mobile devices, paving the way for efficient management of available resources. It also saves the battery life as and when it identifies that the user is not actively using the mobile device. Moreover, integrating machine learning improves memory capabilities.

3) Predictive Analysis And Data Mining:

Tracking and analyzing data is one of the key functions of any business. It helps them understand the current status of the company and make plans on improving it in the future. Artificial intelligence enhances these capabilities for businesses with predictive analysis and increases the chances of making the most appropriate decisions to achieve growth. It seeks the necessary data points and presents the information you will need to make the next right move.

4) Chatbots:

This is one brilliant application of AI. A ChatBot is preemptively stored with data related to customer queries. When approached by a customer, it will be able to derive information from its database and respond aptly to the customer’s request. With the recent advancements, its efficiency has escalated and many businesses are adopting it to boost the quality of their customer service and for its cost-efficiency.

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VueJS Development: Features, Benefits, & Why You Need It!

From native mobile apps to cross-platform mobile apps, we have several platforms to choose. Depending on our needs and expertise, we may choose the most appropriate one for app development. Due to their ease of use and gentle learning curves, JavaScript frameworks are preferred by many developers.

What is Vue Native?

Vue Native is one of the JavaScript frameworks which have found reputation amongst several beginners. It is used to build mobile apps using Vue.js, a combination of Angular.js and React.js. There are many advantages to Vue.js Mobile App Development. It makes UI development efficient and focuses on view layers, allowing the process to be understood easily. Moreover, its templates are valid HTML and so, the integration process becomes quite simple. Overall, this platform is great for developing lightweight applications.


Let us have a look at some features and benefits of Vue Native.


1) Two-Way Binding:

This feature enables developers to quickly make changes in the model and observe them without having to wait for the execution of the UI elements. It saves a great deal of time while coding.

2) Vue Native Router:

This is a plugin which allows the implementation of navigation with the help of Vuex, a state management pattern + library.

3) Declarative Rendering:

With the help of this feature, developers will be able to focus more on the output. All implementation details are withheld unless new inputs are entered. Else, the data remains constant.

4) Set of Basic Components:

This is another amazing feature of the Vue Native platform. It comes with basic structures that aid developers to kick-start projects and offer swift Vue.js development services.


1) Easy to Learn:

According to many developers, Vue.js is one of the easiest mobile application development frameworks to learn and work with. Basic knowledge of JavaScript & HTML will suffice to get a hang of this one.

2) Well-Defined Ecosystem:

Owing to a well-structured ecosystem, it is possible to address specific problems with great precision. This, in turn, improves the development speed.

3) Command-Line Interface (CLI):

Enabling developers to quickly build the scaffold for the project, it greatly reduces the time taken for the initial setup. The third versions of the Vue Native CLI is an absolute winner as it helps generate scaffolds in pretty much no time!

4) A Powerful Amalgamation:

Deriving features from Angular.js and React.js, Vue.js offers exemplary opportunities for developers to build both native and cross-platform mobile applications.

Why Choose Vue Native?

1) Simplicity in Coding:

It is easy and effortless to use so the things can be accomplished in a faster way. The developers invest less time in bug fixing as bugs remain minimized due to the maintainability of better code.

2) Flexible Solution:

Vue JS Mobile App Development can be coupled with various cutting-edge technologies. It can also be incorporated into existing projects. Moreover, it helps overcome certain limitations experienced on other platforms.

3) Simple Integration:

The flexible framework allows for integrations without hassles with other applications. The simple functionality and crystal-clear documentation make it even more convenient.

4) Improved Performance:

Compared to other frameworks, Vue Native is able to deliver much better performance. The development process is neat, uncluttered, and well-defined.

Wrapping Up

Among several other platforms, Vue has certainly earned its spot in the app development space. It is a great solution for developers who are beginners. Also, its unique features and essential benefits make it a brilliant choice to quickly develop quality apps that perform excellently!

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Key Features To Incorporate In Automobile Insurance App

Despite all safety and preventive measures, we have still witnessed a number of automobile accidents occurring worldwide. This is definitely a concerning issue which needs attention. It is important to minimize the burden of vehicle damages with the help of insurance plans. However, sometimes, it can be a challenging process to seek their benefits due to the arduous process. This is where mobile app development steps in as a viable solution for resolving this problem, making life easier for the already troubled people.

Automobile Insurance App

Main advantages of an Automobile Insurance App

  • Fewer staff requirements which minimize operational costs.
  • Mobile apps are used more than mobile browsers.
  • Insurers can spend their time more productively.
  • Easy to engage with customers and scale insurance businesses.
  • Transparency in customer data allows for effective data-driven decisions.

Here are some of the key features to be included in the app.

1) Instant Registration:

The step of registration itself can be lengthy when you go through the traditional method. However, with the help of a mobile app, users will be able to quickly sign up with insurance companies and get started by selecting their desirable plans.

2) User Profile:

The users will be able to make their profiles and update them regularly. This can be done very quickly, enabling the users to create an identity for them. It helps with speeding up with the processing of automobile insurance plans

3) Vehicle Profile:

An automobile insurance app must surely have room for the details regarding vehicles. Users may provide the necessary information about their vehicles before purchasing insurance for it. This will greatly improve the quality of the insurance service.

4) Push Notifications:

In this busy and fast-moving world, it is important to attract user attention. Sending push notification via mobile apps is a great way to let them know about your insurance plans, remind them about payments, and more It can be effectively used for both marketing your services and improving their quality!

5) Claim Filing:

With the advent of artificial intelligence and chatbots, users will be able to file claims without seeking the attention of your employees. This dramatically saves time for the company’s workforce and also boosts productivity simultaneously.

By overcoming the redundant procedures and methods employed traditionally, automobile insurance companies can invest in building a mobile app and escalate their efficiency exponentially!

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How Poor Design Practices Will Destroy Your App’s Performance!

When it comes to mobile app development, one of the most important aspects is the design. It is a major deciding factor for the success of app. Poor designs may lead to several faults and ultimately the downfall of the app. Knowing how such tragedies end will enlighten users and developers alike on the need to pursue good designs.


Here are a few ways of how mobile app performance is affected due to poor designs!

1) Major Efficiency Drop:

We live in a fast-paced world and this means that the need for speed is real. If your app tends to lag and not load properly in time, it is bound to frustrate most users and eventually fail amongst the competing apps. Incorporating intuitive solutions in mobile app development will help arrive at better designs and improve efficiency.

2) Lowered Retention:

When your app is not user-friendly or it fails to provide value to the users, in the long run, the retention rate of users will drastically stoop and this is a sign of poor design. You must include engaging elements within your app like videos, animations, audios, and images to effectively immerse users and retain them for as long as possible.

3) Reduced Productivity:

When your app doesn’t function properly, the number and quality of tasks that can be performed via your app greatly reduces. This affects productivity which is absolutely undesirable in a world where everyone’s racing to do more in less time. So, it is vital to identify core issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

4) No Value For Money:

App development is not a free process. It comes with a lot of expenditure and if you invest in wrong designs, you probably are wasting your resources. Additionally, fixing poor designs will also come at a cost. So, it is better to know which designs work and are relevant in today’s world and then proceed with making the design.

Quick Pointers to Improve Mobile App User Experience:

  1. Improve accessibility by developing cross-platform apps.
  2. Use distinct and compelling calls to action.
  3. Enable seamless navigation.
  4. Sacrifice unnecessary and non-converting visual elements.
  5. Employ simple yet effective content.
  6. Pursue quality testing.
  7. Optimize for faster load times.

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