Google will soon crack down on Apps in the Play Store with No Privacy Policies


Google is tightening the screws on app developers by making it compulsory for them to comply with the User Data policy, specifically the part about privacy. Applications that don’t meet requirements will be severely checked when it comes to visibility in the store, if not removed from it outright.

Why Is The Privacy Policy Relevant?

Some developers use the data they gather from users in what might be termed as “unethical” ways. They sell it to third party advertisers in an attempt to make some quick cash. Before this, it wasn’t compulsory for them to disclose exactly how they are using the data they are gathering from users.

Some developers, in the past, have gone as far as storing the URLs of all the sites that the user visited while making use of the app, which is a massive breach of privacy. There also have been cases where hackers have gotten access to personal pictures and videos being stored by the application.

With this move, Google is attempting to keep users safe from privacy breaches, and indirectly from data theft. The User Data policy of the company also encourages developers to encrypt communication with the help of HTTPs.

What does the Privacy Policy entail?

Any app that handles sensitive user information or requires access to some features of the phone, like the camera or the microphone, must comply with the privacy policy. The plan asks all developers to comprehensively disclose accurately what kind of information the app is collecting from the users, how it’s being used and with whom it’s being shared. They must include a link to the policy inside the application as well as on the description page. Users will no longer be in the dark about how their information will be used and will have the option to download the software after they have thoroughly checked the company’s background.

If your application doesn’t comply with the guidelines soon, Google will delete it from the store. You can hire professional app developers to update (and upgrade) your app for you and avoid being wiped out from the store.

Here’s How Investing in a Mobile App Can Help Your Business Grow


Many businesses are hesitant to get an app because apps are supposedly very expensive to develop and not worth the investment. While it takes a lot of money to build custom apps from scratch or native apps separately for every platform out there, there are some app building applications that can speed up the process and let you make an app for cheap. We are at a point in time where traffic from mobile devices is surpassing traffic from desktops – it is no longer an option to get an app, but a necessity.

Here’s how investing in a mobile app can help your business grow:

Make your business more visible

Over 80% of all people in countries like the US, UK, Japan, Germany, and India prefer to use mobile apps, compared to the website. If you make an app, your business will become more visible as well as accessible to consumers.

Let your users purchase from you directly

Your app can be a good revenue generation source. You can sell your products and services to customers on their phone directly, eliminating the need for building real-world retail outlets which cost money to maintain.

Get more data and feedback about your business

You will get access to a lot of useful customer behavior data from apps. You can use this data to understand what customers love about your brand and why and make changes where your business isn’t meeting their expectations.

Keep up with your competitors

Everyone seems to be getting an app these days, including your local restaurant, bank, and even the barber shop. If you don’t have an app, you’re falling behind your competitors.

Serve customers better

You can make it easier for customers to access information about your products and services through your app. Customers will also be able to contact you in a convenient way if they need to. You can also provide them with personalized services and build a better relationship with them through the app.

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