How Does User Behavior Affect Android And iOS App Development?

Applications have become a core part of the society today. From travel to food to entertainment, there’s an app for everything! However, the perception varies; the way a developer sees an app and the way a user sees it is drastically different. The app development process is a result of a user problem that needs solving. App developer’s look to find the most efficient way to solve these issues, and this is why user behavior affects the process!

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Here are 4 ways how user behavior impacts the mobile app development process:

  • Application Platform: Android and iOS are the predominant app development platforms. Each year both platforms see a significant number of users purchasing their phones. With 2018 experiencing a hike in Android users, iOS has been put up against tough competition. Several companies are releasing pocket-friendly Android phones unlike Apple, which primarily sells premium and expensive gadgets. Depending on user inclination in regards to the market, application developers have to develop apps for respective platforms.
  • Demographics: With Android selling affordable than iOS, even the not-so-rich people can purchase an Android device. However, iPhone buyers are usually from the higher end of the market. Depending on the type of audience a developer wants to cater to and the income he expects, he can pick iOS – for a high priced app, or Android – for a nominal/free app.
  • Consistency In Usage: Yes, it is a factor. With millions of applications in the market and another million being made, a user is left with many choices. When it comes to iOS, statistics show that users tend to use an application for longer spans and the retention is healthy. However, the condition is the opposite in Android. Hence, while catering to the Android community, your app should be top-notch and hold a place on the user’s phone!
  • Revenue: App developers don’t always aim for the 1000$ mark. Even getting 1000 downloads initially is a milestone! Depending on the audience, you either make good money or get recognition – or both. With Apple, the trend remains the same; good apps are purchased no matter how expensive. Apple has high-end users who don’t hesitate to spend on an app. However, with Android, paid apps will seldom work. In return, however, you will reach a huge audience.

The iOS vs. Android battle is ever-raging. Both platforms offer good exposure! However, no one knows Android app development better than Openwave! Our Android and iOS app development team will ensure you get the best application made. Call us today: +1(212) 209-1537 to speak to our expertise.

Why is iOS the Preferred Platform for App Development for Businesses?

Bangkok, Thailand - Feb 15, 2016 : Iphone 6 And Ios Application

There are over 2 billion unique smartphones in the world at the moment, each running a different OS (operating system). Some of the most popular operating systems in the world include Android, iOS, and Windows. Every operating system has different requirements when it comes to apps. Companies, at the moment, prefer building apps either for Android or the iOS platform.

Android has a market share of 70% at the moment, but it’s still not the most popular app development platform for businesses – iOS is! There are many reasons for that, including the following:

It Lets You Build Superior Quality Apps

Apple provides a developer kit that has guidelines and tools you can follow to create high-quality applications. If you follow their guidelines, you’ll always end up with a high-quality app. With Android, apps tend to be of variable quality.

They are Inherently Secure

On the iOS platform, apps don’t get updated automatically. Also, Apple has strict requirements about what it will allow or not allow on the store, making these apps inherently more secure.

They Make Maximum Use of Hardware Capabilities

There are over 25000 unique Android devices, but only a handful of iOS ones. It is much easier for developers to create an app that can make maximum use of a phone’s hardware capabilities. The hardware and software integration of iOS apps is perfect.

Payments Made Simple

Accepting payments on this platform is very simple. You can use Apple Pay for seamless, one-tap payments. Also, it’s a known fact that it generates the most revenue for developers worldwide.

It Gives Maximum Support

Developers that run into problems while building an application are ably backed by Apple’s system of resource websites and their live chat service.

It is Faster to Build

Development times are much lower than that of Android applications. Apple attempts to make their language (Swift) and guidelines as easy to understand as possible.

You can use DIY app builders and the Xcode idea to begin to develop your iOS app by yourself. Alternatively, if you want a highly sophisticated and smooth app, you can hire an experienced app development team to make you one.