5 Reasons Why Firebase Will Be Your Best Friend In App Development

Mobile and web application developers often have a hard time deciding on which all-around platform they need to use for their app development purposes. With Google acquiring Firebase, developers now have access to a BaaS (backend as a service) platform that offers them a wide variety of services and tools to choose from. Firebase is not only robust; it also helps cut-short the time to develop high-quality applications and has shown tremendous growth. Here are 5 reasons why Firebase makes for a versatile and efficient web and mobile app development platform.


1.) Uses Google Analytics

Firebase makes use of Google’s analytics to keep track of user activity across all devices, be it a tablet, laptop or smartphone. In addition to that, developers can also export their product to Google’s data warehouse BigQuery which helps in attracting more users.

2.) Advantageous Real-Time Database

Storing and synchronizing client data is now easier with Firebase’s real-time database which uses NoSQL cloud-based database. Moreover, it comes with standard development kits for all platforms, – web, Android, and iOS – which eliminates the need for the backend for building applications. It is also optimized for offline use.

3.) Safe And Fast Web Hosting

Firebase allows developers to distribute content at a faster rate by making use of a CDN or Content Delivery Network. Additionally, it also helps in setting up mobile landing pages, web pages, et al.

4.) Crash Reporting Facility

If there is something that bothers developers and user alike, it is the bugs which slacken navigation resulting in low ratings of an app. Although, with Firebase, users can report crashes so that developers can identify bugs at a faster rate than ever before. Firebase’s SDK helps save more time by providing crash logs.

5.) App Indexing

Among other benefits, app indexing is one that stands out in its ability to link developer’s app link during Google searches to engage more users through the search engine. This, in turn, helps improve the ranking and, thereby, visibility of the app.

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Blockchain Technology: How Are Developers Benefiting From It?

The famous blockchain technology is all about bringing chains of blocks together, linking them and securing them by using cryptographical means. Each one of these blocks is made up of three main components:- A hash pointer which indicates the previous block, a stamp of the time and the data of the transaction. Let’s explore more.

Why Is Blockchain All The Rage Suddenly?

Blockchain development takes security to a whole new level, as the data can’t be tampered with very easily. It makes the whole system widely transparent and gives the management an opportunity to place accountability where it needs to be placed. As a result, various major corporates of the world are putting a lot of research into Blockchain and cryptocurrency development. Whether it is Deloitte, Circle Internet or IBM, all the giants are putting their eggs in the blockchain basket.

Blockchain Technologies.jpg

Here are three reasons why it’s a hit with developers:

  1. Greater Opportunities

Developing a blockchain system isn’t all that easy. In fact, it can be a tricky little process requiring trained and talented people to be put into the job. Any company wanting to bring about a secure way of storing their transaction related data need to be thinking about hiring a blockchain developer. Thanks to the popularity of this little technological gem, software developers and engineers have found a rich gold mine of job opportunities.

  1. Block Chain Development Is Exclusive

Not just anyone can develop a blockchain. It needs a specific set of skills and knowledge base. This makes the job exclusive and high paid. Various service providing industries such as the healthcare sector, financial institutions, and investment firms basically run on the trust of their clients. Blockchain technology and the security it brings about, increases the trust quotient significantly, hence, making it a must-have commodity.

  1. The Future Is Bright For Blockchain

The sizzle and attraction of blockchain are just beginning to spark and is not about to go out any time soon. The developers have their hands full of opportunities just begging to be explored. The market is hot for people with good software developing skills. Cryptocurrency development has become the need of the hour today, due to the need for security, trust and efficient data storage. Blockchain developers have the chance to swoop in and make a living out of it.

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3 Useful Ways Mobile Apps Are Making A Difference In Health And Fitness

Time is a very rare commodity in the busy schedules of today and with people getting all the more engrossed in these routines; they have little time at hand to take care of their health and well-being. The recent increase in the consciousness to stay healthy has brought in an increased interest in how investing in mobile app development can assist in this endeavor.


Here are a few ways in which mobile applications make a difference in the times of medical needs:

  1. Personal Training Session Progress Tracking

A host of mobile applications are today available on both iOS and Android which can help you track the progress that you make during your personal training sessions. A lot of the applications which are support GPS can track steps that you walk and the heart rate, giving you great performance metrics to feedback your training with.

  1. Get New Workout Ideas

Workout regiments can get boring with time and this is where you need these to be updated from time to time so that your interest in them stays intact. Health and fitness mobile applications are a great way to connect with fitness enthusiasts from across the world and learn about new fitness and workout routines to include in your personal routine.

  1. Helping You Set And Achieve Goals

A common issue which most health and fitness enthusiasts face is either setting goals and not meeting them, or setting unrealistic goals which eventually deter them by seeping out all the motivation. This is where mobile applications can give you an interactive interface to document your fitness goals in and then track if you are in line with achieving them with time.

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How Augmented Reality Apps Of IKEA And Overstock Are Shifting Focus To ARCore?

If there are any of the new technologies doing rounds today which are expected to transform the way things are done today it’s augmented reality and virtual reality. Just the experience which results from the integration of AR and AR into your mobile application or Web Avenue is enough to transform the overall interaction which your customers are expected to have, and hence bring a positive push to your sales.

The recent times have seen augmented reality being explored to their very core by a lot of leading corporate giants, and this has in turn brought these technologies to the limelight. Below are two of the leading forays into the furniture and supplies industry, which has got the enthusiasts of these technologies cheering for good.

Augmented Reality.jpg

Overstocks Enhanced 3D Models with ARCore

Recent news updated the furniture store Overstock’s interest into exploring the technology, by launching an augmented reality application. This application would have three dimensional models for all its furniture items, the benefit to the users being that they can try and install these in rooms of various sizes and color combinations, before deciding to make the purchase. Overstock is in talks with Google to employ ‘ARCore’ for all the Android applications for its store.

IKEA Delves into Augmented Reality

IKEA became yet another furniture and supplies major to delve into the huge pie that is virtual and augmented reality, by partnering with Google’s ‘ARCore’. The company aims to mobilize specialized applications to help customers use their mobile cameras to figure out the correct placement and orientation of IKEA furniture products in their homes.

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5 Advantages ChatBot Integration Brings To Your Insurance Mobile Application

With machine learning and artificial intelligence proving their mettle in the modern times, a sort of revolution in their implementation over the internet circles has commenced in 2018. Smart AI driven chatbots have started to feature on a lot of mobile avenues and their use is set to grow further as the technology matures.

Chatbot Technology

If you have a mobile app catering to the insurance sector or are planning to hire insurance app developers for the same, there are various advantages to including chat bots as a part of this, such as:

  1. Enhanced User Conversation Experience

As the attention spans and patience level in terms of getting resolution to their queries for customers plummets, chatbots are a great way for avenue owners to drive meaningful conversations with their users in real time. These chatbots provide for a great engagement experience and help drive superb feedback from users.

  1. Pathbreaking Customer Insights

A great advantage with having chatbots drive customer engagement is that they can gather user responses and interpret these in light of the previous interactions with the users to come to inferences which even human customer executives cannot.

  1. Overall Interface Improvements

With chatbots driving the bulk of user engagement and interactions, there isn’t any need for the archaic and lengthy contact or information forms. This will simplify the interface of your website and will also reduce the need to process and maintain all these user records on the part of the administrator.

  1. Putting Data Analytics To Work

Chatbots can extract useful insights from the conversations they have with users and these can drive complex data analytics algorithms to give you insights which can drive business performance.

  1. An Increased Customer Handling Efficiency

A chat bot can meet and exceed the efficiency of performance and the number of customers which a human executive handles any day. So there is a straight advantage of increased efficiency and lower costs.

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5 Benefits Of An E-Catalogue App For The Furniture Industry

Gone are the days when a printed catalogue would introduce a business and its products to customers. Today as most shopping has shifted over to the World Wide Web, e-Catalogues have started to feature on various shopping apps. When you own a premium product offering store such as upholstery and furniture, e-Catalogues can prove really handy in projecting the right brand image in front of your prospective audience.

Furniture App

Here are a few advantages of integrating e-Catalogues as a part of your furniture store.

1.Enhanced Brand Image

Ask any experienced furniture app development expert and they would tell you what a difference to the brand image the inclusion of an e-Catalogue brings to the app.

2.Quick Turnaround Of Any Updates Required

Having an e-catalogue as a part of your app is better than the printed ones, especially owing to the ease with which new additions/deletions or updates can be performed to the former. All these actions are done as a part of an online interface, and are hence effortless.

3.A Cost Effective Solution

Factor in the cost of the printing material and the actual printing of the hard copy catalogues and you have a recipe for increased budgets. When you choose to go down the way of including e-Catalogues as a part of your app, all that is needed to be added is the images and descriptive content about the products, both of which are either low cost, or at best free.

4.Social Viral Marketing

Think of the actual reach of a printed catalogue of your products – it reaches only the people who physically see it. An e-Catalogue on the other hand is an app developer and promoter’s favorite in terms of the ease with which it is able to be shared on social media and rake in thousands of views and likes.

5.The Environmental Aspect

The last thing you need is your marketing campaign to prove a burden on the environment. E-Catalogues are a straight winner over printed ones in this regard.

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How The Mobile Ecommerce Experience Is Long Due For An Overhaul?

While eCommerce as an industry and a way of living for people saw a great transformation post the coming of Amazon and AliBaba, there is always the need for the right support infrastructure to grow it. This very support infrastructure was brought forward by the coming up of mobile applications, and 2010 marked the breakout point for mobile sales. But mobile eCommerce hasn’t scaled the heights it was expected to, owing to shortcomings in the overall experience the customers have.

Online shopping through buying from internet

Let’s look at some of the areas where the mobile eCommerce experience is lacking and where it can be improved:

  1. Web Avenues Vs Mobile Apps

Although eCommerce got a latent push as it caught customer frenzy, most portals which went on to extend the functionality to mobile based applications simple scaled it like-to-like. In this, the shopping experience which resulted for the consumers wasn’t very easy to comprehend and has hence, not brought about any revolutionary change in sales.

  1. Lack of Responsiveness

While an increasing number of eCommerce applications have been built, not all of them are responsive enough to lend a suave customer experience. Most eCommerce application developers do not pay much heed to making mobile applications responsive and this is where customers do not get the same experience as they do on web avenues.

  1. Lacking Shopping Features

In many cases, application developers do not replicate all the features which are offered on e-Commerce web portals, and this is why customers are not able to have a similar experience when they move over to mobile shopping.

  1. Inadequate Security Features

While most eCommerce portals are prompt with data privacy certifications and disclosures on their web avenues, this theme takes a back seat on the mobile app interface for some reason. This is yet another reason why customers tend to shy away from making purchases over the mobile stores.

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