6 Ways Mobile Apps Can Create a Revolution in Gyms and Fitness Centers

Fitness is today an $80 Billion market with 5 billion dollars from the US. With over 70 million Americans taking up a gym membership each year, the market for fitness is likely to double in the US alone. With such strong trends in place, it is important to understand how mobile app developers can benefit from this well-established arena.

Fitness App

Today, there are several mobile apps and gadgets that are aimed at health and fitness conscious users.  Here are the benefits offered by mobile applications in this domain:

  1. Personalized Workout Instructions: Each member who visits a gym definitely has a unique body type and needs to be offered a dedicated workout regimen. Analytics built into apps can plan a user’s workout schedule based on the inputs from the instructor and can get the desired results.
  2. Diet Strategies: Diet is an integral part of a fitness plan. Developing a diet strategy can now be made effective with the use of analytics. Individual diet plans based on the user’s metabolism can be calculated and the plan with the most positive results can be chalked out.
  3. Alerts and Messages: Offering 24X7 assistance to members is possible thanks to push notifications that can deliver important information from the promoters of the gym. Other information such as aggregate workout info, health-tips, and motivational messages can be sent directly to the app.
  4. Scheduling: These apps also make it easy for gym members to set up appointments with their dedicated trainers and stay connected with them. From booking slots for the spa to scheduling a meet with the dietician, all activities at the gym can be planned well in advance.
  5. Promotions and Cross Marketing: These apps also offer a promotional platform for the owners of the gym. They can promote their other associated brands and their products through push notifications. This gives them more visibility and increases reach.
  6. Payments: The payment for the gym can be simplified by integrating a payment gateway into the app. From credit cards to mobile wallets, a variety of payment options can be incorporated into the application, thereby offering flexibility to users.

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Take Your Laundry Business Online: Build a Dedicated App with These 5 Features

In the age of on-demand app services, there’s an app for every conceivable business service. With B2C players increasingly opting for the app-route to reach their customers, services such as food-delivery, groceries, and laundry have all found their way onto the smartphone with dedicated apps being offered. Laundry apps, in particular, are in high demand as the task of washing clothes and getting them ironed is time-intensive.

If you own a Laundromat or are looking to venture into this domain, then the time is ripe for you to develop a dedicated app! Make sure that you incorporate the following features into your app:

Laundry Service App

  1. Simplified Login: Let’s face it; nobody wants an extensive login for availing laundry services. Offer a simplified login page that requires minimal information from the client and reduces the time required to access your services. Phone-number based login is a great way of saving time!
  2. Intuitive UI: The main USP of app-based services are that they integrate seamlessly into the lifestyle of users. This should be the main focus of your app development team. Ensure that users do not have a stiff learning curve to use your app. Use rounded buttons and bold typefaces is a great way of making the UI intuitive.
  3. Variety in Options: Users love to be offered choice in the services they can avail. Package your services into different variants and offer differentiators that improve the appeal of your offerings! This can help you target customers based on their preferences and boost customer retention.
  4. Flexible Payment: When it comes to app services, payments are always a bit of a sore point with not enough flexibility for customers. This can be best mitigated by incorporating a variety of payment options such as mobile wallets and credit card-based payments, all of which are regulated by a secure payment gateway.
  5. Offers and Discounts: Targeting and Retargeting is the best way to bolster your branding efforts. Apps allow push notifications which can help you geo-target your customer base and promote your services in a personalized manner.

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5 Reasons Why Android Apps Are the Best Business Tools for Startups

In today’s highly charged and competitive startup environment, it is quite hard for businesses to thrive without maintaining a significant technological and operational edge over competitors. In a market where the winner takes all, the second and third placed simply find it too hard to compete on the same level. For startups that are looking to disrupt markets by offering unique and innovative solutions, Android applications offer the best deal yet when it comes to boosting their productivity and performance.

Android App Developer

The following reasons show why Android apps development is the best deal for startups:

  1. Faster Reach: With the proliferation of smartphones powered by the Android OS, the community is now 2-billion strong, which means that the reach of useful apps can be viral and very aggressive. This makes it easy for startups with the right product to reach a wide audience in a very short time.
  2. Quicker Popularity: In the age of social media, it is quite easy for products to become popular. Android apps like Sayat.me, Sarahah, and PokemonGO became viral overnight. This advantage makes apps the fastest way for a brand to reach prominence.
  3. Easy of Development: Thanks to the availability of several developer tools, Android apps development has become a simple process that makes it easy for novices with no prior knowledge to develop great apps. This is highly useful for startups who may not have highly trained resources.
  4. Ease of Entry: Google charges only $25 for developers to obtain a license fee. This makes it quite easy for them to develop any number of free apps and publish them on the Play Store with no added fees. This ease of entry into the market is what makes it a highly viable option for startups.
  5. Better ROI: Android Apps have the best Returns on Investment for any business tool out there. They are highly effective in both evoking customer loyalty and in brand recall. This makes them a highly reliable one-time investment that keeps bringing better returns as the time passes.

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How Can You Develop A Successful Taxi Booking App?

The world has come a long way since the age old days of waiting for a taxi to turn up on your block. Today, thanks to ride-hailing apps like Uber and Ola, several consumers have done away with the need for buying a personal mode of transport as the services offered by these players are highly efficient. The reason behind the success of these apps is the win-win they offer to both consumers and the owner of taxis. They provide effective fleet management software that pulls off a great job in solving the supply-demand issue.


If you are a business who owns a fleet of taxis or are an entrepreneur looking to invest in developing a ride-hailing app for your own country, here are a few mandatory features that you must integrate into your apps to capture the market:

  • A user-friendly UI: A taxi booking app can be used by a large section of the population across age groups and segments. Hence, it is important for application developers to ensure that the UI is user-friendly and can be easily comprehensible for any user
  • Real-time Taxi Tracking: Consumers today demand the luxury of multiple options. By creating a grid of the spread of taxis in the neighborhood, businesses can give consumers the option of finding out about the various options available and also help them understand the non-availability of taxis during peak hours.
  • Map Integration: Map integration helps users and drivers track each other’s location. This helps in finding addresses easily as opposed to constant phone calls and searching for landmarks. A GPS-integrated map can take the driver directly to the doorstep of the users.
  • Payment Integration: Thanks to the proliferation of mobile app wallets and credit cards, customers today demand services where they don’t have to rely on physical payment for the services availed. Application developers should look to integrate different payment options securely into the app.
  • Notifications: By constantly notifying the users of several important feature upgrades and coupons, the company can keep them informed of their presence and build a connection. Also, real-time notifications of the order status and the location of the cab can help reduce customer anxiety while they wait for the arrival of their taxi.

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The Mobile App Development Checklist to Building a Successful App

Mobile apps have become a necessity for businesses these days, as they allow them to engage on-the-go customers, provide a host of useful services, and boost the company brand value. If you’re a startup or SMB planning to build your first mobile app, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into first. Creating successful software is more complicated than you think – there are over 4 million apps out there, and yours must stand out from the crowd somehow.


Here is an app development checklist that you need to be aware of, if you want to create a successful product:

 You Will Need More Than Just Knowledge of Programming

You or the developers you hire must have more than programming knowledge to build successful software – you need expertise and industry experience. Pick a team that knows what they are doing and have done it before.

A Real Working Prototype Can Help You Secure Funds

If you’re a startup reliant on external funding, you’re going to need a solid prototype to convince your investors about the necessity of an application. Make sure your developers can make you one.

Do You Have a Unique App Idea?

The market is oversaturated at the moment, with programs that do everything that you can imagine. You need to come up with something unique, something that can provide value to users and make their lives easier.

The Audience Is More Important Than the Idea

First-time builders are more concerned about the concept than they are about the public, which is a mistake. If you aren’t building something that people want and will use, your project will fail, even if it’s unique.

Don’t Think You’re Done after It’s Been Deployed

Remember that building a successful app is more than just about the development, but it’s also about the marketing. The kind of reviews your app garners and how much you promote it and optimize it will decide its fate.

Always Pick the Right Developers

Finally, you need to choose a dedicated development team that will communicate with you and breathe life into your idea. You can always hire mobile app experts to build you a solid MVP (minimum viable product) at rock-bottom prices.


Mobile App Maintenance: Why it’s Time You Started Paying Attention to It?

It’s a mobile world, and those who fail to realize this fact have already lost half the battle in the competitive space. However, success doesn’t come to all those who opt for apps development. Most develop an app, and then forget about it, inadvertently washing away all their investments into nothingness. Development is not a one-time process, but rather a continuous evolution that prevails as long as the app is live on the market. An article published in the Business Insider, states that around 52% of apps are uninstalled within the first three months owing to poor maintenance. If you don’t want your application to end up in the trash, then it’s time you start paying attention to maintenance.

App Maintenance

Here are five proven benefits of periodic application maintenance that will prompt you to hire mobile app developers for regular upkeep:

  1. Updating to the new OS

Only recently android came out with its brand-new Oreo version and its counterpart released iOS 11. Owing to the regular OS releases and constant shift from one platform to another by users, regularly reviewing your application will help it stay in line with the changes. If your app is only supported by older OS versions, then it means you’re losing out on a significant user base.

  1. Improving Overall App Functionality

It’s not possible to build a mobile application that’s perfect. There’s always scope for improvement. From small glitches to crucial performance updates, application maintenance can completely alter the dynamics of your app, making the good even better.

  1. Regular App Monitoring

With the market becoming increasingly competitive, you never know when your competitor takes a leap ahead of you. Undertaking regular maintenance work will help you keep on top of your game and constantly monitor app performance, relevant metrics, and conversions. Any erratic behavior can be identified early on and remedial measures could be set up.

  1. A Better UI and UX

Trends come and go in mobile apps development. For instance, in 2017, card design has made a loud comeback. Staying relevant is necessary for survival. Constant tune-ups could help make those crucial tweaks in design and enhance the overall UI and UX of the application.

  1. Long-Term Financial Benefits

You can’t cram everything into it all at once. Some businesses make that very mistake and lose money hard and fast. Include only what’s necessary to save up on initial costs. Incorporate a strategic maintenance plan to build upon the application gradually. This will help you take home a better ROI.

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Hiring a Mobile App Development Agency

Business, Technology, Internet And Network Concept. Young Busine

Surely, you’ve realized the potential that mobile apps hold and want to build one for your business. Before you rush off to the first agency you find online with your app development idea, it’s better to get a deeper introspection.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before hiring a mobile app development company:

Why Do I Need An Agency?

This is the first question you need to get an answer to. Do you not have the required skills within your business? What can an external agency provide that you cannot get internally? Only opt for a development company, if you haven’t got the resources, the skill or the time to handle it.

What Do I Expect From The Agency I Hire?

Once you’ve established a firm ground that you need an app development company, identify what your expectations from them are. Do you already have a plan etched out and only want them to flesh it out? Or do you want them to start from level zero? Are you also planning on getting extended maintenance and support from them? Understanding all this will help you choose a company as per your requirements.

What Business Challenges Will The App Resolve?

While a company can help you with realizing your vision, you need to firmly layout your business goals first. How will your app solve a particular business problem? Is it offering something of value to customers? Make sure you set clear objectives and goals and communicate it to the developers to build an app that actually serves a purpose.

How Are You Going To Monetize It?

Money making may form the driving force behind your motivation to build an app, but you need to ask yourself how you’re going to monetize it. Whether it is through ads, sales or through increased brand exposure, set an approximate measure of how you’ll be recording your ROI, even if a few aspects cannot be quantified.

How Much Budget Can You Spare For Your Project?

While a common practice is to shop for quotes and then set the budget, this approach will not yield results. Be realistic with your vision and set a fixed budget from the start to avoid any confusion down the line. While some agencies charge as high as $ 500K, there are a few firms that offer cost-effective yet quality solutions as well.

Before starting any conversations with an agency, it’s necessary to establish what your goals and expectations are. To get solutions within your budget and prescribed requirements, you can always get in touch with Openwave, a reputed mobile app development agency in the US.