Upcoming Travel App Design Trends That Could Transform the Way We Travel

Travel guide concept. Passport, compass, guide books, mobile pho

Travelers become more responsible as we get ready to move into 2017. The United Nations has stated that 2017 is going to be the year of “Sustainable Tourism.” Technology has a significant role to play when it comes to sustainable tourism – it allows people to leave a smaller carbon footprint, on the whole.

Travel apps have a big part to play in 2017 – they are going to be a game changer for the tourism industry and travelers all over the world. Here are some trends in travel app tech to watch out for:

Real Time Tracking

Public transport globally is using technology these days. Buses, trains, and even cabs are being fitted with GPS devices that tell you in how much time they will arrive – now you won’t have to go to the bus station early so that you won’t miss your bus. You can time your arrival perfectly with an app.

Personalized Recommendations

Apps are now providing personalized recommendations – and even experiences – based on your travel history and preferences. Always prefer to travel on a budget? The application will help you plan it!

Cashless Travel

Many travel services are offering prepaid packages you can book from your phones. You can pay for your trip – including your stay, travel, food, and shopping – digitally, instead of carrying around cash.

Ride Sharing is the New Way to Travel

Ride-sharing has become a popular way for tourists to move about a new country. Not only does it keep costs down, but it also allows them to bond with fellow travelers.

Better Vacation Photos

Smartphone technology has advanced to the point that the camera in your phone is almost as good as any professional camera. Your vacation photos will be as good as stock photos, thanks to the cool camera editing tool in your travel app!

If you’re a travel agency owner, now is the right time to target mobile owners with a well-built travel app, as mobiles are quickly becoming an integral part of the journey. You can use an app building tool to make your app or hire professional app developers if you want to provide a high-grade experience to users.