Who’s gobbling through App Development Appetite: Employees or Consumers

Mobile devices as well as mobile apps are poised to grow by leaps and bounds. The latest research indicates that the appetite for these interactive digital applications is on the rise as Smartphone adoption accelerates, surprising not among customers alone but the marketers.

This article showcases a recent report taken from mobile application development companies: 44% of marketing and digital development executives surveyed have both external (customer-facing) and internal (employing-facing) audience apps.

Customer-facing apps

According to the report, costumer-facing apps are primarily used for many reasons.

  • Main app usage: Customer communications (83%), customer service or support (79%), and product communications (74%).
  • Marketers make use of mobile application development throughout the customer lifecycle- starting from creating awareness (18%) to maintaining loyalty (31%).
  • 59% of marketing and digital executives admits their brand has one to three customer-facing apps.

Based on the report, it is found that more users having mobile devices (54%) and promoting apps through other channels (53%) are the prime drivers of increased app adoption.

Employee-facing App

Many organizations use internal apps to give their employees their fair share of app experiences.

  • Main app usage: internal communications (82%), business intelligence (62%), sharing information (62%), and training (62%) as their main app use cases.
  • 67% of respondents have seen growth in the number of internal users in the end of 2013
  • Executives cite corporate intranet (74%), email alerts and memos (67%), and company newsletters (51%) as key internal app traffic drivers.

Despite these challenges marketers are still eating up mobile apps, and 53% of them design and encourage app development as part of their marketing and business strategies.

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System Utility Apps That Simplify Your Android Experience

Why are Android devices so popular? Though it is a combination of various features, it is mainly due to their rich set of features and their ease-of-use. Added to this, quality Android apps have been built that enable users to get the maximum out of their devices, regardless of whether it is a phone or a tablet. This article looks at a few quality apps that you must have on your Android device.

One of the must-have apps on your Android phone is one that allows you to manage closely the mode of your Android device. Now, you would know that your Android phone allows you do many things without completely switching off, like the airplane mode for example. The airplane mode puts off the radio options in a way that they don’t interfere with medical equipment or navigation systems. You needn’t go to the right button on your phone, select the option and change mode to airplane. An app can do this in one sweep i.e. a single tap.

On any device, one major concern every user has is that of memory. You might want to check the space occupied by the apps you have installed and you might want to uninstall some of them. There are various apps, which allow you to restore, automatically back up and manage apps on your Android device. Automatic back up and batch backup are also possible. This might also come in handy if you need to format your device and start clean again.

Finding trouble working with your SD card? This is one of the many issues that people usually encounter on their mobile phones. Apps greatly simplify your engagement with SD cards. Apps can also help convert your device into an FTP manager. This is important especially if you are depending on an SD card to increase the storage capacity of your device.

An app that helps you save the battery life of your device is another must-have app on your Android device. Some of these apps can save your battery without annoying you by activating a screen timeout.

Selective protection for sensitive information is also important. Get an app to set up passwords just for the apps you want protection for.

Now that you know what kind of system tool apps you should be looking for your Android device, you’d be taken in by the vast number of apps in each category. To add to the confusion, many of these apps have an advanced core function and other additional basic functions, which might overlap with the core functions of other apps. Getting expert advice will make it easier to cut through the clutter and get the best apps available.

Top 5 Frameworks in JavaScript for Mobile Development

To create application for mobiles, you need to understand and employ a range of technologies and frameworks. From finger-optimized UIs as opposed to mouse cursors to increased bandwidth limits for all devices, mobile devices are moving towards a new paradigm that developers have to adjust to. Chief among the demands of this new paradigm is cross-platform capability.

Cross-platform capability can be realised with a range of JavaScript frameworks. Let’s network look at the top 5 JavaScript frameworks that you should use to build your next mobile application or website.

  1. JQuery mobile

This s a cross-platform framework that simplifies and improves mobile web application development with a mix of CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery into a single framework that is as organized and robust as it is sustainable.

It runs well with all major mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Opera Mini and also all current web browsers. You can directly download it from its sample page.

  1. Zepto.js

This is a JavaScript framework for mobile browsers such as Chrome, Safari and follows a development approach that is simple. This provides for fast and easy app development. Zepto.js takes its syntax from jQuery and does even better as it is only 5 KB, extremely lightweight for an application of its functionality.

  1. mProject mobile framework

This is a mobile HTML5 JavaScript framework that helps you create exciting mobile application quickly, and easily. It is Open Source under the MIT license and provides elasticity required for development. Good examples of the mProject in action are the Kitchen Sink app and the ToDo app. Build commercially viable apps completely for free.

  1. Mobilize.js framework

A HTML5 and JavaScript framework, Mobilize.js converts websites to mobile sites. With this, you can create a mobile site easily based on your prevailing web content. Whether it’s adding mobile support for ecommerce, CMS or other platforms, or adding mobile support for web themes, Mobilize.js comes in handy for the job.

  1. PhoneGap mobile

PhoneGap gives you the freedom to develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Bada, Symbian, and Palm WebOS. PhoneGap too is Open Source and allows you to author innate applications and access APIs and app stores. If you intend to take advantage of the core features of Android, iOS and Blackberry SDKs, better go for PhoneGap as its tailor-made for that.

Why Android Development Stands Above the Rest?

Android is no doubt the most popular mobile platform for app development. It gives a variety of benefits for mobile application developers. It is easy to handle, versatile, and fantastic for those who have prior experience in programming languages to build apps on just about anything. The Software Development Kit offered by Android is open to further development and one can get a start of creating an app in an instant and implement it fast too.

Mobile phones nowadays work as pocket-fit PCs because Google’s Android operating system, based on the Linux Kernel, is flexible and easy to use. Apps can be created easily for smart phones without having to go through complicated procedures and it also offers great returns on your investment. There are many mobile app development companies which have risen to the top in the last decade and are offering lucrative and extremely cost-effective app development services. (Openwave LLC being one of them)

So, to our basic understanding. Why Android application development?

Some of the main reasons for the increase in the number of Android app developers are:

  • Android app development is cost-effective as it is open source.
  • Android app developers can let their imagination wild on Android SDK to develop creative Android applications.
  • C/C++ and Java programming languages are the ones being used in Android development. Finding developers who know these languages is not too difficult.
  • Developers can replicate their code so they gain more from creating multiple apps.
  • Android helps developers spend their time not only in development but also in understanding clientele needs.
  • Android offers great performance and security as well and hence the operating system overall is smooth to operate without serious security issues.
  • The porting of Android apps too, is hassle free.
  • The investment involved here is lower than that for other operating systems and the time required for creating the app is also less.
  • Android facilitates quick information gathering and precise feedback.

You can get create your apps with the help of a professional and experienced Android app development service provider. Be careful when you finally decide upon who you hire as hiring an average/below par mobile app developer would result in nothing but disaster and loss of time, money and resources.

The process of Android application development is largely Java programming. One can integrate different apps and features on a Smartphone like GPS, accelerometer, and video camera. It allows the developers to create new apps via different marketing strategies that are based on public interest.

Milestones of Android App Development Services- A Rewind to 2013 Happenings

In present time, various businesses are utilizing the authority of latest smart phone app. The process for evaluating and ranking the best services offering in Android app development involves a meticulous analysis. This article covers a few insights on this top-notch platform- just as left unsaid.

Scope for Android Apps Development

Whilst many organisations agree that Android apps development earn a great profit margin to your brand new or running business.  Android platform offers maximum optimization and efficiency at the business. Earlier, security was one of the concerns but advanced technology connects the vulnerabilities that are associated with complex programming problems. There are many businesses realizing the potentiality of these devices and thus, the demand for complex application development rises with time.

The Most Popular Service Offerings in Android

Nonetheless, mobile strategy for Android Apps is nearly for averages and converse for with populace session.

  • books app development (new)
  • widgets development
  • security apps development
  • social media apps development
  • Games development
  • maintenance and testing application

Android app development service now becomes the most essential service for those businesses, who want to customize their android application. In 2013, it is estimated that 1000 plus android applications developed by Android developers have satisfied customer’s requirements, both in personal usage as well as business sectors. No wonder, the demand for complex application development rises. And mainly significantly Android developers can offer application development on any stands with respect to operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

At Openwave, we concentrate on your requirement and offer it without compromising even a bit on quality and accessibility bearing in mind, your success is our success that makes a win-win situation for both of us. What are you still waiting for? Talk to our experts to understand the changing trends in the days to come and grow in your business.


Top 5 Inspired Educational Android Apps in 2013

Very recently, Google officially launched “Google Play for Education”.  This has of course gained the attention of many Mobile Application Development firms, which is why app developers are geared up to create fun ideas and exciting solutions to problems and showcasing their work on a global platform.

If you are deciding on creating one, Android App development might be a unique way to get yourself noticed and gain valuable experience. Let’s see how.

Some of the Useful Educational Apps for The Students


Skedule is a cool app for students, or rather a duplicate of “time table” with numerous features. Some of its features include: adding instructors, to-do list and courses. Its calendar functionality helps to organize the overall academic structure like lecture schedules and exam schedules.


iReader is an excellent offline eBook reading Android application.  Be it any file formats such as TXT, CHM, PDB, HTML or Image files, along with a real book page flip, iReader supports auto-scrolling in cover mode.


With Mathway, it is possible to solve difficult math problems on your android tablet. Whilst the free version provides instant answers, the upgraded one helps you with step-by-step explanations. The various Math sections covered are Basic Math, Calculus, Statistics, Algebra and Trigonometry. No wonder this math app is considered the one of the favourite apps among students in 2013.

WordNet dictionary

Android App Developers NYC came up with this brilliant idea of pocket dictionary with a huge lexical database. Unlike the classic format, this dictionary is standardized with a convenient and innovative approach.

eduDroid – Android in education

Are you a teacher or a parent? Application development for android inflicts many of them with eduDroid to help children learn. The content is aimed at children in KS1 and KS2 or children with SEN, secondary schools are also using it. Cool, right?

If you have any great idea for the students’ app and make profit, don’t keep waiting. This festival season is the right time to approach a Mobile Apps Development Company who can breathe life to your dreams.


Create Android App to Improve Your Business Efficiency

Just like laptops and desktops were known smart, there is a competitor for them in their line and they are popularly known as Smartphone. They need an operating system which would control their functioning as well as the functioning of applications which can be supported in a better way. And this would be the major reason for the change of taste, choice and liking towards mobile phones and they make people work more difficult while picking one. As mentioned above, functionality and operating system plays a very vital role and this is possible with Android app development. This latest technology blending with operating systems is developed to provide the customer with the best of the experience with Smartphone. And thus this is the reason for these phones to be named as Smartphone. They are indeed smart!  People want to make their life easy and simple. No wonder apps for android is preferred and in the wanted list. There are different kind of applications available for people to use more effectively and efficiently which would satisfy all their needs.

Manage Your Schedules and Meetings Easily

If you take an example for a business or any venture, you would have a list of things to manage your business efficiently like managing your business meetings and appointments and see the positive aspects of your business. To fulfil all your requirements, you need a Smartphone to manage everything perfectly. Develop Android Apps with the help of the well experienced and knowledgeable Android developer expertise in every domain you name when it comes to these applications development services. If you are planning to hire Android developers for your application development, you would be benefitted with high returns with the lowest possible investments. You can expect some professional work by these experts which will provide you with the best and satisfying results for your business.

Develop Your Applications at Openwave

Openwave expertise in Android Development with a specialized team of the most experienced and skilled Developer to provide you with the most trendy and latest application for your business. We update ourselves with the latest updates about applications which would make your phone smarter and you can be ahead of the world.

Bring a Change in Your Life with Mobile Application Development

Initially phones were developed to just speak and send messages. But time is changing rapidly. Mobile App Development companies develop applications for various platforms like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows, Symbian, and others. These applications make a Smartphone user’s task easy and more efficient with quicker service. And thus this saves every one’s time as well as improves their performance to deliver the objective through applications. Every application should be up-to-the-mark and satisfy the user’s objective or else it’s a failure. Functionality matters in the end. If you are looking for high quality customized mobile apps development, you can hire talented Mobile App Developer to give power to your ideas.

Convert Your Business Website into an Application

If you have any ideas and you would like to develop it into an application, you can always look forward for an application developer who would build and give a shape to your idea through a Smartphone application. When it comes to Mobile Application Development, they need to be used wisely by the entrepreneurs to generate a fair amount of revenue for benefits and business people need to use it as an efficient marketing tool to reach his target audience. Mobile phone has the greatest impact and reach and thus this device is used by many clients to expand their reach. When it comes to mobile application, possibilities are just so limitless and full of benefits. You can view websites with mobile applications and thus till we make sure that those websites are user-friendly. These business websites can be converted into a mobile app and target your audience easily. This way you can have a contact with your customers and navigation is made easy and your audience get a chance to access the information which is necessary for them.

Develop Your Unique Application with Openwave

But when Openwave is around, you don’t have to worry about your Apps Development. We develop multiple applications for different domains. Our team consist of a Product Manager and team lead working with another 50+ Mobile app developers  filled with rich experience and enough experience to serve you the best as per your requirements.

Socialize With New Android Apps On Your Phone!

Smartphone is a huge successful story of the past two decades – and the devices with Android applications are getting more and more powerful each year, every day! Many organizations have achieved significant benefits by using mobile technology which includes both industrial and commercial markets. Android app development is catching its pace in the world of technologies fighting against its competitors. But when it comes to socializing apps, Android is not so far from them as well. Social apps do magic on your life and allows you to stay connected with the people you would like to all the time. But it is necessary for you to choose the right applications and know what to do with them. Otherwise, they could add more stress and pressure to your life. Now it’s proved, Android development has drastically grown in these years. You must be wondering where you would get the right apps. Here are some most wanted apps that will certainly get you on the right track if not completely satisfied with your socializing needs.

MiuMeet – Chat, Flirt & Dating

This app is all about having fun and meeting new people around you. You can date people on steroids. This app hooks into your phone’s GPS and finds people close to you. You can send messages, pictures and talk and talk so much.. But is the most addictive app!

 My Yearbook: Dating & Fun

This is one of the most interesting apps for android phone. It has a bigger circle than ever; around 20 Million single guys and girls! You can sign up and meet people you want to and enjoy your social life!


This app is communication app as well as a social app which allows you to communicate in any possible manner through your handset. The coolest thing about this app is that it’s a completely cross-platform program meaning if you are an android user, you can still communicate with your buddy on his iPhone and your dad on his Blackberry! It’s a fun app to have.

Truth or Dare

Everyone must have played this game in their childhood. And once you start playing this game on your phone, you would play this game more often than you would have thought! This android app is ultra-cool because of all the seeded truths and dares. It also allows you to add your own dares which lets you tilt the game in your favour when playing with a large group. Either way, however you slice it, this app is going to be fun… especially if your crush is a part of the game!

A Massive Increase In Demand For Android Developers

Android happens to be one of the fastest growing mobile operating system platforms in the world. There are so many mobile operating system platforms in the world; however, Android Development is making a lot of things possible. Android Development has taken competition to a new level when it comes to Droid Eclipse Development. Here is some information on Android Development –

What are the things to look out for when it comes to hire Android Developers?

When it comes to Android Developers, the main things to keep a lookout for are:

1. Good Experience
2. Valid Qualification

There are many new bees that are on the lookout for openings into the world of Android Development. The employer needs to make sure that they are well qualified to enter the field. Basic computer graduation is not enough to get you into a good position as Google Android Developers. You need to have extra skill sets and courses, to add to your resume in order to fit the bill as Android Eclipse Developers. Be it whatever mobile application platform, it is of the most necessity that you are well versed in the field. The more experience you have the better the salary and the better the position. So if you are all set to be one of the Android Eclipse Developers, remember the competition is stiff but you can easily get through. The field of Android Development is increasing by leaps and bounds; and this makes it easy to enter the field.

Why is there such a sudden increase for Android Developers?

There is a tremendous increase for the need for Google Android Developers in the market today. There are thousands of Google applications in the market. All of them are designed, planned and implemented in the market to fit the needs of all customers. As you might already be knowing Android Development sets the best platforms for application development. Therefore, it is preferred by many developers, since most of the mobiles today support Android platform, working with Android Development becomes easy for them. Custom developing your android application is also easy, making this the best platform for Android Developers.