How Does User Behavior Affect Android And iOS App Development?

Applications have become a core part of the society today. From travel to food to entertainment, there’s an app for everything! However, the perception varies; the way a developer sees an app and the way a user sees it is drastically different. The app development process is a result of a user problem that needs solving. App developer’s look to find the most efficient way to solve these issues, and this is why user behavior affects the process!

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Here are 4 ways how user behavior impacts the mobile app development process:

  • Application Platform: Android and iOS are the predominant app development platforms. Each year both platforms see a significant number of users purchasing their phones. With 2018 experiencing a hike in Android users, iOS has been put up against tough competition. Several companies are releasing pocket-friendly Android phones unlike Apple, which primarily sells premium and expensive gadgets. Depending on user inclination in regards to the market, application developers have to develop apps for respective platforms.
  • Demographics: With Android selling affordable than iOS, even the not-so-rich people can purchase an Android device. However, iPhone buyers are usually from the higher end of the market. Depending on the type of audience a developer wants to cater to and the income he expects, he can pick iOS – for a high priced app, or Android – for a nominal/free app.
  • Consistency In Usage: Yes, it is a factor. With millions of applications in the market and another million being made, a user is left with many choices. When it comes to iOS, statistics show that users tend to use an application for longer spans and the retention is healthy. However, the condition is the opposite in Android. Hence, while catering to the Android community, your app should be top-notch and hold a place on the user’s phone!
  • Revenue: App developers don’t always aim for the 1000$ mark. Even getting 1000 downloads initially is a milestone! Depending on the audience, you either make good money or get recognition – or both. With Apple, the trend remains the same; good apps are purchased no matter how expensive. Apple has high-end users who don’t hesitate to spend on an app. However, with Android, paid apps will seldom work. In return, however, you will reach a huge audience.

The iOS vs. Android battle is ever-raging. Both platforms offer good exposure! However, no one knows Android app development better than Openwave! Our Android and iOS app development team will ensure you get the best application made. Call us today: +1(212) 209-1537 to speak to our expertise.

Simple Ways to Win Customers for your Mobile App

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Since the arrival of the smartphone, mobile apps have been growing exponentially, and at this point, it feels as though there is an app for everything. Entrepreneurs who want to foray into the mobile app market need a strong background, and an undoubted stroke of luck to cut their way to the top. Here are a few ways to heighten your chances of success in this competitive market space.

Build an Android Framework

Android is now the broader platform for the mobile applications. Anything coming outside the Android infrastructure loses a massive half of the market share. As a result, make sure that your application is incorporated for the Android system to widen your pool of customers.

Target Small Markets

Most app developers set their sights on more familiar countries such as US and Europe. However, it is essential to try the market terrain abroad, with countries in Asia, Africa and South America having large population centers and millions of potential customers.

Integrate a Connective Facility

WiFi, Bluetooth, Infra-Red and countless other connectivity frameworks make a phone a more fun product for users. Similarly, mobile apps built in with a virality function are also likely to court customers. Allowing users to be a part of a large, connected network improves the engagement of the application, and is an easier way to connect with customers.

Build Strong Security

Cyber security is a vital issue in the digital and mobile app ecosystem. Include strong protocols that ensure the safety of your customers’ personal information, and a strong access system that keeps out hackers and other threats.

Make It Temporarily Free

With the mobile app space now choked completely, competition runs high. Making your product free helps you gain more exposure on the online list, while raking in hordes of customers who would otherwise ignore you. Once your popularity has picked up on the charts, you could begin to raise the price bit by bit.

The mobile app space overflows with talent, and it takes skill to set you apart from the rest. A genuine idea is all it takes to galvanize the market and win a steady stream of customers. Openwave has helped countless firms make it in this competitive space with our well-trained developers who are up-to-date with the trends in the field. Get in touch with us to see your mobile app vision realized.

Six Cutting-Edge Features Your Android App Must Have

Android Logo On Google Nexus 5

It is difficult getting your app noticed in the Google Play Store – there are over 2 million unique apps in there already, covering all sorts of niches. If you’re building a new app or are planning to make one, it must be virtually bug-free, run smoothly, and include advanced features if you want to get users to download it.

Here are some cutting-edge features your Android app should have to boost its chances of being successful:

Localization Option

Android is used in Asia, America, South America, and everywhere else. By making your app localized – or providing content in foreign languages – makes your app more accessible to today’s global user base.

Location-Based Services

Smartphones these days have a built-in GPS. You can use the GPS to add location-based services to your add. For example, if you have a utility app, you can throw up a notification when users are passing by a great restaurant around lunchtime.

Social Media Login

Users are probably not going to be inclined to fill out lengthy registration forms to use your app. By putting a social media login feature in place, you can get their personal information from them much more easily than otherwise.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality feature is found on apps like Pokémon Go. The feature lets you superimpose useful information over real-world scenes. It can be very useful if you’re building travel or education apps.

User Feedback Support

Users will probably never use your app the way you intended them to. They may also have complaints about your app. With a user feedback support feature, you let them know that you value their opinions and will do something about it.

 Offline support

Access to the internet can be sporadic in some countries. By making your app capable of running offline – without some features running – you can make it very useful to users.

There are some DIY app building tools you can use to build your app or, if you’re new to programming, you can have an experienced development team make your app. If you hire app developers, ensure they are including some of the useful features we’ve mentioned here.

Why Android Development Stands Above the Rest?

Android is no doubt the most popular mobile platform for app development. It gives a variety of benefits for mobile application developers. It is easy to handle, versatile, and fantastic for those who have prior experience in programming languages to build apps on just about anything. The Software Development Kit offered by Android is open to further development and one can get a start of creating an app in an instant and implement it fast too.

Mobile phones nowadays work as pocket-fit PCs because Google’s Android operating system, based on the Linux Kernel, is flexible and easy to use. Apps can be created easily for smart phones without having to go through complicated procedures and it also offers great returns on your investment. There are many mobile app development companies which have risen to the top in the last decade and are offering lucrative and extremely cost-effective app development services. (Openwave LLC being one of them)

So, to our basic understanding. Why Android application development?

Some of the main reasons for the increase in the number of Android app developers are:

  • Android app development is cost-effective as it is open source.
  • Android app developers can let their imagination wild on Android SDK to develop creative Android applications.
  • C/C++ and Java programming languages are the ones being used in Android development. Finding developers who know these languages is not too difficult.
  • Developers can replicate their code so they gain more from creating multiple apps.
  • Android helps developers spend their time not only in development but also in understanding clientele needs.
  • Android offers great performance and security as well and hence the operating system overall is smooth to operate without serious security issues.
  • The porting of Android apps too, is hassle free.
  • The investment involved here is lower than that for other operating systems and the time required for creating the app is also less.
  • Android facilitates quick information gathering and precise feedback.

You can get create your apps with the help of a professional and experienced Android app development service provider. Be careful when you finally decide upon who you hire as hiring an average/below par mobile app developer would result in nothing but disaster and loss of time, money and resources.

The process of Android application development is largely Java programming. One can integrate different apps and features on a Smartphone like GPS, accelerometer, and video camera. It allows the developers to create new apps via different marketing strategies that are based on public interest.

New Android Software Development Kit (SDK) To Streamline Wearable App Development

Since Sunday’s preannouncement of an Android software development kit (SDK) for wearable devices, there seem a lot of buzz in the app developer community. Wearable means cognitive dissonance.

Let’s see how wearable mobile app development started off with this whole “wearable” concept.

Nonprogrammable Wearable

Adding apps onto Fitbit and Nike Fuelbands on onboard apps is not possible. This calls for Fitness wearable to perform a single function and use underpowered microcontroller hardware in order to achieve a low retail price and a one-week battery life. In this type, mobile app developers have designed in such a way that when a lone sensor, a low-power accelerometer interpolates movement into a measure of the wearer’s activity, it burns calories.

There’s no way to customize fitness bands. These mass market digital fashion accessories are the baseline to measure what app developers can create.

Programmable Wearable

Being fashionable and functional, smart watches became the first popular programmable Smartphone-tethered device platforms. This includes functions like fitness and sleep functions thus eliminating the need for a fitness band.

The Bluetooth-tethered connection to Smartphone’s lets users leave their Smartphone’s in their pockets to respond to check notifications. Similar to their nonprogrammable application, these smart watches are designed with lower-power and lower-speed hardware. The best example is Google Glass.

Google’s wearable Android SDK

Be it designing a programmable or nonprogrammable wearable, it is all about creating a unique killer app that appeals to consumers at a low price. The SDK will likely improve and simplify communications between wearable and other Android devices and through the Android device to cloud services.

Very soon, similar to Google Play app on Android Smartphone’s and tablets, the SDK will streamline wearable mobile app development by relieving the developer of low-level development.

Milestones of Android App Development Services- A Rewind to 2013 Happenings

In present time, various businesses are utilizing the authority of latest smart phone app. The process for evaluating and ranking the best services offering in Android app development involves a meticulous analysis. This article covers a few insights on this top-notch platform- just as left unsaid.

Scope for Android Apps Development

Whilst many organisations agree that Android apps development earn a great profit margin to your brand new or running business.  Android platform offers maximum optimization and efficiency at the business. Earlier, security was one of the concerns but advanced technology connects the vulnerabilities that are associated with complex programming problems. There are many businesses realizing the potentiality of these devices and thus, the demand for complex application development rises with time.

The Most Popular Service Offerings in Android

Nonetheless, mobile strategy for Android Apps is nearly for averages and converse for with populace session.

  • books app development (new)
  • widgets development
  • security apps development
  • social media apps development
  • Games development
  • maintenance and testing application

Android app development service now becomes the most essential service for those businesses, who want to customize their android application. In 2013, it is estimated that 1000 plus android applications developed by Android developers have satisfied customer’s requirements, both in personal usage as well as business sectors. No wonder, the demand for complex application development rises. And mainly significantly Android developers can offer application development on any stands with respect to operating systems like Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

At Openwave, we concentrate on your requirement and offer it without compromising even a bit on quality and accessibility bearing in mind, your success is our success that makes a win-win situation for both of us. What are you still waiting for? Talk to our experts to understand the changing trends in the days to come and grow in your business.


Top 5 Inspired Educational Android Apps in 2013

Very recently, Google officially launched “Google Play for Education”.  This has of course gained the attention of many Mobile Application Development firms, which is why app developers are geared up to create fun ideas and exciting solutions to problems and showcasing their work on a global platform.

If you are deciding on creating one, Android App development might be a unique way to get yourself noticed and gain valuable experience. Let’s see how.

Some of the Useful Educational Apps for The Students


Skedule is a cool app for students, or rather a duplicate of “time table” with numerous features. Some of its features include: adding instructors, to-do list and courses. Its calendar functionality helps to organize the overall academic structure like lecture schedules and exam schedules.


iReader is an excellent offline eBook reading Android application.  Be it any file formats such as TXT, CHM, PDB, HTML or Image files, along with a real book page flip, iReader supports auto-scrolling in cover mode.


With Mathway, it is possible to solve difficult math problems on your android tablet. Whilst the free version provides instant answers, the upgraded one helps you with step-by-step explanations. The various Math sections covered are Basic Math, Calculus, Statistics, Algebra and Trigonometry. No wonder this math app is considered the one of the favourite apps among students in 2013.

WordNet dictionary

Android App Developers NYC came up with this brilliant idea of pocket dictionary with a huge lexical database. Unlike the classic format, this dictionary is standardized with a convenient and innovative approach.

eduDroid – Android in education

Are you a teacher or a parent? Application development for android inflicts many of them with eduDroid to help children learn. The content is aimed at children in KS1 and KS2 or children with SEN, secondary schools are also using it. Cool, right?

If you have any great idea for the students’ app and make profit, don’t keep waiting. This festival season is the right time to approach a Mobile Apps Development Company who can breathe life to your dreams.