4 Reasons Why A Mobile App Is Important For Your Business This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. It is time for bonding, sharing, loving, and especially, shopping! From mid November, till the year end, the mood for festivities takes a seat in everybody’s mind. From Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, to Christmas – the jingles are all over the town! This season is an incredible time for your business as well. Statistics suggest a steep hike in purchases, be it product or service, during the holiday season.


With a mobile app for your business, during this time of the year, your venture will skyrocket. Here’s how a mobile app will help immensely this season:

1) Sale Notifications: It is impossible to ignore the pop-up, drop-down notifications on smartphones. Mobiles are indispensable today, and almost everyone has a smartphone! With billions of users on this platform, a mobile app is a better market than any other, for businesses small and big. You can advertise your services through notifications, which are bound to be seen by every user!

2) SMS Marketing: Marketing your products through SMS is an incredibly smart and cost-effective idea. Statistics reveal a massive 63% usage of mobiles when compared to computers. With such a tremendous ratio, isn’t it obvious that smartphones are the best device? With a mobile app, you can send messages to your customers, about your products, discounts, and coupons!

3) Effortless Purchase: Holiday season is for spending time with the family. Though shopping is a family activity, it is incredibly tiresome. Especially during the holiday season, the crowd is unbearable and by the time you’re ahead of the line, the product is sold. Mobile apps simplify the purchase and let customers spend more time enjoying the festivities!

4) Increase In Audience: The sales during the months of November through December, till mid January, are phenomenal. This time is very precious for businesses! The season of gifting is a joy for the person giving, the person getting it, and for you – the one selling! A mobile application will drastically multiply the audience your business sees, through convenience, and efficiency.

Let a mobile application be the gift your business gets this holiday season. You will see a boost in sales, a larger audience, and an overall buttery flow of products and services with a well-made app! Learn the best way to boost your ecommerce app sales today, call Openwave! Get a killer retail app made in no time and happy holidays!

How Does User Behavior Affect Android And iOS App Development?

Applications have become a core part of the society today. From travel to food to entertainment, there’s an app for everything! However, the perception varies; the way a developer sees an app and the way a user sees it is drastically different. The app development process is a result of a user problem that needs solving. App developer’s look to find the most efficient way to solve these issues, and this is why user behavior affects the process!

iOS Android

Here are 4 ways how user behavior impacts the mobile app development process:

  • Application Platform: Android and iOS are the predominant app development platforms. Each year both platforms see a significant number of users purchasing their phones. With 2018 experiencing a hike in Android users, iOS has been put up against tough competition. Several companies are releasing pocket-friendly Android phones unlike Apple, which primarily sells premium and expensive gadgets. Depending on user inclination in regards to the market, application developers have to develop apps for respective platforms.
  • Demographics: With Android selling affordable than iOS, even the not-so-rich people can purchase an Android device. However, iPhone buyers are usually from the higher end of the market. Depending on the type of audience a developer wants to cater to and the income he expects, he can pick iOS – for a high priced app, or Android – for a nominal/free app.
  • Consistency In Usage: Yes, it is a factor. With millions of applications in the market and another million being made, a user is left with many choices. When it comes to iOS, statistics show that users tend to use an application for longer spans and the retention is healthy. However, the condition is the opposite in Android. Hence, while catering to the Android community, your app should be top-notch and hold a place on the user’s phone!
  • Revenue: App developers don’t always aim for the 1000$ mark. Even getting 1000 downloads initially is a milestone! Depending on the audience, you either make good money or get recognition – or both. With Apple, the trend remains the same; good apps are purchased no matter how expensive. Apple has high-end users who don’t hesitate to spend on an app. However, with Android, paid apps will seldom work. In return, however, you will reach a huge audience.

The iOS vs. Android battle is ever-raging. Both platforms offer good exposure! However, no one knows Android app development better than Openwave! Our Android and iOS app development team will ensure you get the best application made. Call us today: +1(212) 209-1537 to speak to our expertise.

4 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Consumer App More Popular

After months of coding, arduous UI designs, and countless test runs, your app is finally ready to enter the market; the market with over 2.5 million already existing applications! With competition brimming mercilessly, how do you make your app known to the world? Standing out is just not enough anymore, with at least a hundred apps similar to yours, you need to be widely known to be picked by a consumer. Mobile application development has become a booming field due to the increasing number of smartphones in the world.

Smartphone Mobile Applications

Here’s how you can make your app well known and every user’s first pick:

  • Use Third-Party Websites: Doesn’t sound fancy, does it? But it gets the work done in a very efficient way. There are several websites that advertise and let users download apps, otherwise not present or ones with low visibility rates on the app store. These websites are often sought after widely and have a high search appearance rate compared to others. Having your app present on one of these sites will ensure a good surety of download.
  • Social Media Presence: Social media promotes pretty much anything these days! Estimates suggest a whopping 2.5 billion social media users currently. This provides a healthy ground to advertise on. You can follow the organic method of gaining followers normally or pay the app for a paid promotion.
  • Offer Free Services: In-app purchases are very annoying for several users and one of the prime reasons they discontinue using an app. Pricing a component of an app might get you into the premium user’s bracket, but the majority of day-to-day users will ignore it completely. Try to keep in-app purchases to a minimum.
  • App Store Optimizing: Like SEO is to content, ASO is to applications. Having a neat and catchy logo, good keyword density for the application, and including backlinks, screenshots and videos will make sure your app is ranked high!

Having said this, dominating the app market can be a tough ordeal. You need to have a skilled application developer first before you worry about the app’s reach. Openwave is a premier app development company, acclaimed by several customers and known throughout for stellar designs! From developing an app to marketing it, you can always rely on us to offer impeccable service and to make sure your app reaches millions!


4 Ways Voice-Enabled Services Are Expected To Transform Our Lifestyle

“Ok Google” and “Hey Siri” are now an integral part of our daily language. From searching merely using text, we have today progressed to searching using voice assistants that use special speech recognition software to process our voice queries and respond appropriately. And with big giants such as Amazon and Google throwing their weight behind voice assistance devices such as Echo and Home, the race is on for a number of industries to offer voice-based services.

Google Voice Search

The following scenarios are a few where voice-enabled services can play a key role:

Voice Assisted Commerce: This represents a radical shift from mobile-based commerce, where you require a device to access the internet. Thanks to voice-enabled technology, users are liberated from the use of smartphones to order goods off the internet. They can purchase all essentials by merely giving vocal commands to their smart speakers.

Voice Payments: Even as the mobile wallet revolution is underway, we are now looking at a completely fresh mode of transaction where all payments are through vocal commands. From paying for utilities to transferring cash between different bank accounts, voice payments will change the way remittances are made. Also, as technology evolves, speech recognition technology will be able to document and recognize individual voices, thereby providing a foolproof mode of paying.

Push Notifications: A modern-day retake on answering machines, push notifications will have AI tech reading our emails and notifications aloud, thereby reducing our dependence on smartphones and smartphone screens.

Hearables: Today, wireless earphones have become common. Hardware developers are already working towards integrating Google Assistant and Alexa into their devices to improve features and usability. This new class of devices is now known as hearables and offer greater flexibility for users as the need for a smartphone screen to beam notifications to a user is greatly reduced.

If you are looking to seize an opportunity in this burgeoning industry, enlist the help of expert players such as Openwave and incorporate voice-enabled technology in your mobile apps.

Take Your Laundry Business Online: Build a Dedicated App with These 5 Features

In the age of on-demand app services, there’s an app for every conceivable business service. With B2C players increasingly opting for the app-route to reach their customers, services such as food-delivery, groceries, and laundry have all found their way onto the smartphone with dedicated apps being offered. Laundry apps, in particular, are in high demand as the task of washing clothes and getting them ironed is time-intensive.

If you own a Laundromat or are looking to venture into this domain, then the time is ripe for you to develop a dedicated app! Make sure that you incorporate the following features into your app:

Laundry Service App

  1. Simplified Login: Let’s face it; nobody wants an extensive login for availing laundry services. Offer a simplified login page that requires minimal information from the client and reduces the time required to access your services. Phone-number based login is a great way of saving time!
  2. Intuitive UI: The main USP of app-based services are that they integrate seamlessly into the lifestyle of users. This should be the main focus of your app development team. Ensure that users do not have a stiff learning curve to use your app. Use rounded buttons and bold typefaces is a great way of making the UI intuitive.
  3. Variety in Options: Users love to be offered choice in the services they can avail. Package your services into different variants and offer differentiators that improve the appeal of your offerings! This can help you target customers based on their preferences and boost customer retention.
  4. Flexible Payment: When it comes to app services, payments are always a bit of a sore point with not enough flexibility for customers. This can be best mitigated by incorporating a variety of payment options such as mobile wallets and credit card-based payments, all of which are regulated by a secure payment gateway.
  5. Offers and Discounts: Targeting and Retargeting is the best way to bolster your branding efforts. Apps allow push notifications which can help you geo-target your customer base and promote your services in a personalized manner.

Why stop with 5 killer features when you can add more? Partner with expert laundry app development companies such as Openwave and explore innovative features that can give your app an edge over the competition!

Will Mobile Apps Make eCommerce Websites Irrelevant in 2017? Find out

A man hand holding screen Apple app showing on IPad mini and Iph

We saw a significant change in 2016 in how people prefer to do their shopping, especially during the holiday season. 2015 was the year where real-world stores were full of people looking to buy gifts for their loved ones. In 2016, on the other hand, we saw people shopping for deals online instead of going to crowded marketplaces to locate the perfect gift. A leading statistic website informs us that eCommerce sales have risen from $1.5 trillion in 2015 to almost $2 trillion in 2016. Mobile apps have played a significant part in driving customers to shop online

Customers Prefer to Buy on Mobile Apps

Data tells us that customers now prefer to buy on mobile applications as opposed to websites on their mobile browsers. There are many reasons for that, most notably the fact that apps load much more quickly and offer a personalized experience to users compares to websites. Even with responsive design, there are limitations to how much content can be displayed on the small screen on mobile devices.

Applications allow online retailers to offer a much more streamlined experience. The checkout process is also made simpler and safer by integrating payment portals into them.

Top Retailers Are Offering Exclusive App Deals

Big retailers like Wal-Mart and Amazon.com are offering exclusive mobile app-only deals to engage their on-the-go customers. Promotions and discounts are enticing customers to switch to apps. Experts estimate that apps will generate around $190 billion in revenues for owners by 2020.

Will Apps Replace Websites Entirely?

Apps are a much more versatile medium than websites, but we don’t see sites losing relevance anytime soon. What we can expect to see in 2017 is online businesses – even small ones – offer an omnichannel experience to customers by allowing them to seamlessly switch from their tablets to mobiles to desktop PCs while shopping.

As a retail business owner, you can only benefit if you build a shopping app to cater to mobile users. It will have to be well-designed and well-optimized, though, to engage customers. You can hire an experienced mobile app development team to help you make one.