Why Do Mobile Apps Fail So Often? Find out

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Only a minor percentage of the 4 million plus unique apps on both Google Play and Apple’s iOS store succeed. The rest get a moderate amount of success before they get abandoned by their developers. According to research, about one in four users will abandon an app after a single use. Less than 40% of all users will use it more than 11 times.

So why is it so difficult for them to succeed? Here are some reasons why mobile apps fail so often:

Market Saturation

Market saturation in economics refers to the phenomenon for the lack of demand for a product because it is already present in vast quantities in the market. There are dozens of applications in the market for every niche, at the moment, and so competition for users is fierce.

Inadequate Testing

Many companies rush development and don’t bother to test a product as much as they should. The result is an app that nobody wants to use because of annoying bugs that spoil the experience. According to research, over 44 percent bugs are found by users and another 40 percent by direct feedback.

Unrealistic Budgets

Developing an application isn’t cheap. In fact, well-made and properly tested native apps can cost developers hundreds of thousands of dollars to make. Many startups have minuscule budgets and are only capable of building correspondingly mediocre products.

Lack of Monetization Strategy

Many apps will fail because they weren’t monetized correctly. The developers succeeded in promoting it and getting users to download it, but they weren’t able to make money from it – which results in unsustainable development. Apps need updates regularly, which require resources.

No Promotion Strategy

Most importantly, developers fail to market an application as much as they should. Marketing is just as important as development. In fact, even a poorly made app can become successful if it is marketed correctly. Many developers also ignore app store optimization (ASO) techniques which can boost downloads.

How successful it becomes will depend on the expertise/experience of the mobile app development team you are working with. Partnering with an experienced team that has built successful ones before will improve your chances of success.

Six Cutting-Edge Features Your Android App Must Have

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It is difficult getting your app noticed in the Google Play Store – there are over 2 million unique apps in there already, covering all sorts of niches. If you’re building a new app or are planning to make one, it must be virtually bug-free, run smoothly, and include advanced features if you want to get users to download it.

Here are some cutting-edge features your Android app should have to boost its chances of being successful:

Localization Option

Android is used in Asia, America, South America, and everywhere else. By making your app localized – or providing content in foreign languages – makes your app more accessible to today’s global user base.

Location-Based Services

Smartphones these days have a built-in GPS. You can use the GPS to add location-based services to your add. For example, if you have a utility app, you can throw up a notification when users are passing by a great restaurant around lunchtime.

Social Media Login

Users are probably not going to be inclined to fill out lengthy registration forms to use your app. By putting a social media login feature in place, you can get their personal information from them much more easily than otherwise.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality feature is found on apps like Pokémon Go. The feature lets you superimpose useful information over real-world scenes. It can be very useful if you’re building travel or education apps.

User Feedback Support

Users will probably never use your app the way you intended them to. They may also have complaints about your app. With a user feedback support feature, you let them know that you value their opinions and will do something about it.

 Offline support

Access to the internet can be sporadic in some countries. By making your app capable of running offline – without some features running – you can make it very useful to users.

There are some DIY app building tools you can use to build your app or, if you’re new to programming, you can have an experienced development team make your app. If you hire app developers, ensure they are including some of the useful features we’ve mentioned here.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Hiring Dedicated Mobile App Developers

Patron And Leader ConceptSmartphone sales are through the roof – over 2 billion people own a smartphone now – and companies worldwide are hurrying to cash in on the phenomenon with the help of an app. Research shows that customers think better of businesses that own an app and are more willing to buy from them. If you’re planning to make a mobile app, you have two options before you: you can make it by yourself (with the help of an in-house team, perhaps) or you can hire external developers to do it for you.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should hire an expert mobile app development team:

You don’t have to pay for infrastructure

If you want a feature-rich app that is well-designed and bug-free, you are going to have to pour significant resources into it. That means you will have to pay a lot of money for the infrastructure that goes into making an app – including computers, office space, power consumption bills, phones, and testing. If you hire external developers, though, they already have the infrastructure set up.

Get it right the first time

It isn’t easy to build a successful app. If you hire professionals, you will be able to build a solid product from the very beginning. You, consequently, won’t have to spend time and resources to build another app in the future.

Control the direction your app is headed

You will be able to steer your app in the right direction if you hire professionals – you just need to tell them what to do. You can speed up development times by hiring professional mobile app developers, as someone will always be working on your app even when you’re not.

It’s always better to get professionals

Expert app builders should be able to add layers of functionality and design to your app that you didn’t even know existed – because it takes experience and knowledge to make good apps, which professionals have. It takes a lot of experience to build a long-lasting app.

On the whole, the benefits of hiring dedicated app developers outweigh the drawbacks. Don’t forget to do your research and carry out extensive background checks before hiring someone to work for you, though.