How Does User Behavior Affect Android And iOS App Development?

Applications have become a core part of the society today. From travel to food to entertainment, there’s an app for everything! However, the perception varies; the way a developer sees an app and the way a user sees it is drastically different. The app development process is a result of a user problem that needs solving. App developer’s look to find the most efficient way to solve these issues, and this is why user behavior affects the process!

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Here are 4 ways how user behavior impacts the mobile app development process:

  • Application Platform: Android and iOS are the predominant app development platforms. Each year both platforms see a significant number of users purchasing their phones. With 2018 experiencing a hike in Android users, iOS has been put up against tough competition. Several companies are releasing pocket-friendly Android phones unlike Apple, which primarily sells premium and expensive gadgets. Depending on user inclination in regards to the market, application developers have to develop apps for respective platforms.
  • Demographics: With Android selling affordable than iOS, even the not-so-rich people can purchase an Android device. However, iPhone buyers are usually from the higher end of the market. Depending on the type of audience a developer wants to cater to and the income he expects, he can pick iOS – for a high priced app, or Android – for a nominal/free app.
  • Consistency In Usage: Yes, it is a factor. With millions of applications in the market and another million being made, a user is left with many choices. When it comes to iOS, statistics show that users tend to use an application for longer spans and the retention is healthy. However, the condition is the opposite in Android. Hence, while catering to the Android community, your app should be top-notch and hold a place on the user’s phone!
  • Revenue: App developers don’t always aim for the 1000$ mark. Even getting 1000 downloads initially is a milestone! Depending on the audience, you either make good money or get recognition – or both. With Apple, the trend remains the same; good apps are purchased no matter how expensive. Apple has high-end users who don’t hesitate to spend on an app. However, with Android, paid apps will seldom work. In return, however, you will reach a huge audience.

The iOS vs. Android battle is ever-raging. Both platforms offer good exposure! However, no one knows Android app development better than Openwave! Our Android and iOS app development team will ensure you get the best application made. Call us today: +1(212) 209-1537 to speak to our expertise.

What should you do if Your App is taken Down from Apple’s iOS Store?

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Apple has a very strict policy when it comes to accepting mobile apps into its store. Only well-optimized, bug-free and well-designed applications are accepted. Recently – since September – Apple made its policy even stricter than it was. Consequently, many old apps are being taken down by the organization at present (over 50,000 and counting).

So why is Apple doing that and what should you do if it happens to you?

Why Is Apple Throwing Out Applications?

The company is throwing out apps that are out-of-date and not compatible with its latest versions of iOS (10.3). Also, the majority of the software in the store isn’t hacker proof.   By tightening the regulations, the company is trying to ensure users are protected from data and credit card theft. Every month, about 10k applications are pulled – and the number has spiked since December.

What Should You Do If It Happens To You?

If your application has been taken down, what should you do about it? You need to read Apple’s official guidelines and then take a look at your product. If you haven’t updated it in a while, chances are a small update will get you back in the store. There are five main categories or requirements that you must comply with: Safety, Performance, Business, Design and Legal.

The newest changes in the conditions have to do with security, compatibility and name limitations. Products need to offer SSL and other industry-standard security to users. The app also needs to be compatible with the newest OS version, which is iOS 10 at the moment. Also, the name cannot be more than 50 characters in length. Apple has launched a new search ads feature – the new measure ensures that the titles better fit the scale (you can now pay to have your ad featured at the top, just like with Google).

Don’t know why your application has been taken down? You can team up with Openwave – an experienced mobile app development company – short-term. We’ll check it and update or upgrade it so that it can comply better with the newest guidelines.

Have You Ever Wondered How Much App development Costs? Find out:

Are you planning on making an app for your new service or business and wondering about the costs involved? Gauging how much it takes to make an app is a difficult proposition at the best of times. A lot of factors influence the costs, making a typical app cost anywhere from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Here are some of the important factors that influence the overall costs to develop an app:

The Developmental Approach Matters

There are two kinds of developmental approaches when it comes to app building: the waterfall approach and the agile approach. The waterfall method is a structured process that is inexpensive but time-consuming. The agile approach, on the other hand, is quick but unstructured and may end up costing you a lot more.

Who Exactly is Building Your App?

A company specializing in app development will cost much more to hire compared to a freelancer. On the other hand, a freelancer may not be as reliable and may not be able to deliver the quality that a recognized web developer can.

Are You a DIY Person?

There are some DIY app building solutions out there you can turn to if you’re on a strict budget. They make it very easy for you to build apps and implement them, though you do need some knowledge of coding. DIY app builders are inexpensive, but you have to maintain them yourself, and they don’t give you the outstanding quality a custom app built from scratch would.

Post Development Costs

Typically, you may have to update your app a few times (or regularly if you’re planning on staying long-term in the market). You will also want to make tweaks once in a while. All this can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Making a successful app is a difficult proposition at the best of times- especially as there are hundreds of thousands of apps you are competing with at any given time. Sometimes it’s best to hire the services of an experienced developer to do it for you. A good developer, who knows how the industry works, will be able to deliver an outstanding app at a fair price. Get in touch with expert mobile app developers today!