Walk a Tightrope for Better Android Application Development

Being one of the top-notch Mobile Apps Development platforms, Android has inspired many developers to build mobile applications. No wonder, many app developers have switched to Android application development in such a short span of time. Whilst this is good news for many, it has become essential for developers to understand the latest trends in mobile application development. 

Things to Be Considered While Developing Android Apps

Understand Customer’s Needs: Modern lifestyle and Mobile devices are inseparable, can say. Also, with the emergence of ecommerce, a New York report says, around 80% of mobile users purchase the items on the go. This means, users will love to use an app that allows them to make payment for the product or service in a hassle-free and secured way.

Going Cloud: As a matter of fact, users love to access both personal and business data on the move regardless of his/her current location. This is one of the reasons why Cloud technologies stand away from the crowd. So, developing an android application that meets the new trends in storing information on cloud is a great idea.

Obese a Barrier: Needless to say, half the population of NYC go through health issues. Not to blame them but that’s the way their busy lifestyle and packed professional schedules has moulded them to not care about a balanced diet and exercise regime. In addition to providing regular health tips and advice on apps, if it could enable the users to get relevant solutions by consulting a doctor…then who can say no to your apps? Rethink!!!

Despite the must-include things for Android app development keeps changing on a constant basis, the frequent changes in user choice and technologies would never change.

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Cross Platform Technologies is Next Great Hope in Mobile Application

With the growing innovations and variations in technology, the demand of mobile application development finds an important place in this era. It has become one of the most significant technologies to develop apps that can run on mobile devices and Smartphone’s. Meanwhile, there are many other technologies like native or hybrid apps being used for the app development; of which various kinds of cross platform technology stands apart.

Appcelerator: App Developers who wants to run the application on both desktop and mobile devices along with tablets and all use this cross platform technology. Being a preferable choice as app development software, it supports android, iPhone, iPad, and blackberry based mobile apps as well. Developers who are well versed in Titanium API can only implement this method.

Rhomobile: Previously known as Rhodes Framework, this technology is used to develop mobile application in native codes which will function on the multiple devices and software. It uses the model view controller pattern where technologies like HTML and Ruby are being used for developing the view controllers.

PhoneGap: One of the available options to select from various cross platform mobile app development technology.  Developers can make use of Java Scripts, Responsive design HTML 5, and CSS3 all together with implementing the standardize web APIs to create or develop the best quality apps to run on multiple OS including iOS, Android, iPhone, Black berry, Symbian, Windows 8 and much more.

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