7 Ways You Can Promote and Monetize Your App!

As people are spending more time on mobile apps than on their desktops, building a mobile app has become the best way for a business to advertise itself. Not only can you get greater visibility, you also get to monetize your app. It is this area (app promotion and monetization) that this article focuses on.

You may build the best app in your category. But you need to build effective ways to market the app, promote and monetise it. In this article, we look at some of them:

  1. Tell your website audience about your app

This is the first step towards promoting your app. You need to tell your primary audience, whether in the form of a link or a separate page, about your mobile app and its features.

  1. Use social media effectively

Integration with social media is crucial to get visitors to use your app. Create a page for your app on FaceBook, Google+ and Twitter. Use app Infographics to explain the stand-out features of your app. An image stays in mind much longer than a piece of text.

  1. Advertise online aggressively

Advertising online does have its benefits. It helps you get traction among a targeted audience. You can gain through this if only you don’t mind spending a few shillings.

  1. Engage actively on online forums

Online technical forums are an effective way of engaging with the user and clarifying on many aspects of your app functionality that you can’t communicate with the lay user. It is here that you can focus on giving more insights on your app’s design and development to the informed.

  1. In-app purchases

Any app maker’s first focus is on getting visibility for his app. For this, you need to market your app with methods such as premium services, option to take-off ads, etc. These ensure you get the much needed investment to further focus on improving your app.

  1. Functional design

Your design must not only focus on being visually attractive, but also seamlessly blend into the core functionality of your app. Don’t clobber your app with too many features. You should focus on minimal features with maximum usability.

  1. Remind users to use your app

You need to gently keep reminding users to use your app. Studies have shown that apps that come with background notifications and those that use push notifications are used more than the apps that don’t have these.