Why is iOS the Preferred Platform for App Development for Businesses?

Bangkok, Thailand - Feb 15, 2016 : Iphone 6 And Ios Application

There are over 2 billion unique smartphones in the world at the moment, each running a different OS (operating system). Some of the most popular operating systems in the world include Android, iOS, and Windows. Every operating system has different requirements when it comes to apps. Companies, at the moment, prefer building apps either for Android or the iOS platform.

Android has a market share of 70% at the moment, but it’s still not the most popular app development platform for businesses – iOS is! There are many reasons for that, including the following:

It Lets You Build Superior Quality Apps

Apple provides a developer kit that has guidelines and tools you can follow to create high-quality applications. If you follow their guidelines, you’ll always end up with a high-quality app. With Android, apps tend to be of variable quality.

They are Inherently Secure

On the iOS platform, apps don’t get updated automatically. Also, Apple has strict requirements about what it will allow or not allow on the store, making these apps inherently more secure.

They Make Maximum Use of Hardware Capabilities

There are over 25000 unique Android devices, but only a handful of iOS ones. It is much easier for developers to create an app that can make maximum use of a phone’s hardware capabilities. The hardware and software integration of iOS apps is perfect.

Payments Made Simple

Accepting payments on this platform is very simple. You can use Apple Pay for seamless, one-tap payments. Also, it’s a known fact that it generates the most revenue for developers worldwide.

It Gives Maximum Support

Developers that run into problems while building an application are ably backed by Apple’s system of resource websites and their live chat service.

It is Faster to Build

Development times are much lower than that of Android applications. Apple attempts to make their language (Swift) and guidelines as easy to understand as possible.

You can use DIY app builders and the Xcode idea to begin to develop your iOS app by yourself. Alternatively, if you want a highly sophisticated and smooth app, you can hire an experienced app development team to make you one.

Upcoming Travel App Design Trends That Could Transform the Way We Travel

Travel guide concept. Passport, compass, guide books, mobile pho

Travelers become more responsible as we get ready to move into 2017. The United Nations has stated that 2017 is going to be the year of “Sustainable Tourism.” Technology has a significant role to play when it comes to sustainable tourism – it allows people to leave a smaller carbon footprint, on the whole.

Travel apps have a big part to play in 2017 – they are going to be a game changer for the tourism industry and travelers all over the world. Here are some trends in travel app tech to watch out for:

Real Time Tracking

Public transport globally is using technology these days. Buses, trains, and even cabs are being fitted with GPS devices that tell you in how much time they will arrive – now you won’t have to go to the bus station early so that you won’t miss your bus. You can time your arrival perfectly with an app.

Personalized Recommendations

Apps are now providing personalized recommendations – and even experiences – based on your travel history and preferences. Always prefer to travel on a budget? The application will help you plan it!

Cashless Travel

Many travel services are offering prepaid packages you can book from your phones. You can pay for your trip – including your stay, travel, food, and shopping – digitally, instead of carrying around cash.

Ride Sharing is the New Way to Travel

Ride-sharing has become a popular way for tourists to move about a new country. Not only does it keep costs down, but it also allows them to bond with fellow travelers.

Better Vacation Photos

Smartphone technology has advanced to the point that the camera in your phone is almost as good as any professional camera. Your vacation photos will be as good as stock photos, thanks to the cool camera editing tool in your travel app!

If you’re a travel agency owner, now is the right time to target mobile owners with a well-built travel app, as mobiles are quickly becoming an integral part of the journey. You can use an app building tool to make your app or hire professional app developers if you want to provide a high-grade experience to users.

Mobile Payments Will Break New Ground in 2017

Mobile Payments Concept
Mobile Payments Concept Isolated Over White Background

There will be an estimated 4.7 billion smartphone users in 2017, and the number is slated to go up to 5 billion by 2020. A lot more customers are shopping from their Smartphones these days. In fact, traffic from smartphone devices to eCommerce stores has surpassed traffic from desktops! Businesses worldwide are scrambling to offer their services online and also to accept payments from customers on their sites or through apps.

Relevance of mobile payments

It is estimated that by 2025, over 75% of all transactions will be through a digital medium. Mobile payment technology is relatively new and offers a much safer way for customers to buy online as compared to using credit or debit cards.

Multiple devices in use

Customers tend to use many devices while shopping. For example, they will use their phones to scout a product and pay for it through their desktops. They may also scout products on their desktops and pay for it via a tablet. Mobile payments can simplify the buying process across multiple devices.

Satisfying Customers is essential

Almost 40% of all customers will abandon their shopping carts if stores don’t offer a mobile-optimized experience. Satisfying customers is important if you want to do business, especially when it comes to mobile users. It is hard to type on small screens. Mobile payment solutions have to be custom-designed to offer a simplified payment process.

The checkout process needs an overhaul

Currently, it’s hard to buy via smartphones at most stores. Ideally, checkouts should require a couple of taps. That can be done by overhauling the entire checkout process, by making it user-friendly and small-screen centric.

Security concerns exist

Mobile wallet technology is deemed unsafe by almost half of all users. In reality, though, it is much safer than sharing credit card info directly with a merchant, as it involves a tokenization system that, if hacked, prevents hackers from making sense of transaction info.

Mobile payments are slated to become common in 2017. Businesses that adopt the technology early are likely to reap benefits. You can consult with experienced developers on how best to utilize the technology for your unique business.


Six Cutting-Edge Features Your Android App Must Have

Android Logo On Google Nexus 5

It is difficult getting your app noticed in the Google Play Store – there are over 2 million unique apps in there already, covering all sorts of niches. If you’re building a new app or are planning to make one, it must be virtually bug-free, run smoothly, and include advanced features if you want to get users to download it.

Here are some cutting-edge features your Android app should have to boost its chances of being successful:

Localization Option

Android is used in Asia, America, South America, and everywhere else. By making your app localized – or providing content in foreign languages – makes your app more accessible to today’s global user base.

Location-Based Services

Smartphones these days have a built-in GPS. You can use the GPS to add location-based services to your add. For example, if you have a utility app, you can throw up a notification when users are passing by a great restaurant around lunchtime.

Social Media Login

Users are probably not going to be inclined to fill out lengthy registration forms to use your app. By putting a social media login feature in place, you can get their personal information from them much more easily than otherwise.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality feature is found on apps like Pokémon Go. The feature lets you superimpose useful information over real-world scenes. It can be very useful if you’re building travel or education apps.

User Feedback Support

Users will probably never use your app the way you intended them to. They may also have complaints about your app. With a user feedback support feature, you let them know that you value their opinions and will do something about it.

 Offline support

Access to the internet can be sporadic in some countries. By making your app capable of running offline – without some features running – you can make it very useful to users.

There are some DIY app building tools you can use to build your app or, if you’re new to programming, you can have an experienced development team make your app. If you hire app developers, ensure they are including some of the useful features we’ve mentioned here.